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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Monday, August 07, 2006

Just another Madras Monday

I’m not dead, although it sometimes feels like it. Had a decent week last week playing the pokah, but work has been kicking my ass lately. Drove to DC for work, that sucked. Played in a home game at DoubleAs’ house with Garth and a bunch of Scott’s friends. That was cool.

Won the first tourney, that was even cooler. Didn’t win the second, but showed a profit. That was fine. Watched DoubleAs demonstrate the advanced play required to compete at the highest level on UB when he forced a opponent to fold on the river when the A-high straight was showing with no flush possible. He did mention that table looked juicy, but I didn’t think anything could be that juicy.

Had 12 people for the weekly home game, and I made a little money, including an amazing play-to-fifth-street-from-across-the-room Iggy-style hand where I called a $23 bet on the river on a gutshot fully expecting to go busto, but catching my 4-outer to suck out, party-poker-like, on my buddy Charles. I actually did feel a little bad about that one. But a $75 pot in $.25/.50 poker never feels bad for long. Switched to Omaha-ha later in the evening and dragged another monster when I flopped the nut boat. Got nervous when the guy to my right fired a $20 bet on the river when the board paired again, laying out possible quad 3s. I’m a big pussy sometimes, but at least I called. I do think I left money on the table, because I was good, but at least I didn’t fold to the monsters under the bed.

Up and down online, I swear I’m gonna go broke again on Stars trying to clear that frickin’ bonus. And I actually reported someone for inappropriate chat. I felt silly for a minute, but frankly, after the third time I was told how much I “suk” and how “u r a queer” I got a little tired of it. Since I figured by that point I would have called the floor on him in a regular casino, I did the next best thing. According to the email I got from Stars this morning, his chat has been revoked. Tell me how much I suck all you want, you’ll probably be right, but don’t call me names unless you know me. And after all, how was this guy to know I was an art-faggy kilt-wearing uberghey blogger?

Question of the day – Is there a better place to print money than $3/6 limit full ring on Party?

My add-on to my cash game set of Nevada Jacks Skulls just arrived, so now I think I have enough $1 and $5 chips to keep up with my home game, and the kind folks at Poker Source Online are now paying me in PSO points, so I’ll be changing over my NJ Skulls to the Nevada Jacks Clays over time. I got a sample of the clay chips – me likey. First purchase – 50 Clays in $25 denominations to round out my set of 1,000 cash game chips, then save up for a set of 500 clays. Mmmmmm, clays….

I think I may have a problem brewing here.


1 comment:

Shelly said...

LOL love your self-description!

One thing never made sense to me about PSO - so you get your sign up prize or whatever. What then? Is it that you earn points every time you PLAY? It doesn't really SAY that anywhere, but I assume that's how you earn points? Or I'm a retard and can't read. That could be too.