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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Work stuff

No real poker content here, and if you'd watched me play the past few days, you'd know why. I'm currently in the black purely on the backs of my sponsors here at the bloggity-blog, because without them, I'd be seriously stuck for the month. Ok, no seriously stuck, but down a little. As it is, I need to finish the month out with some solid, non-retardo play for a week or so to feel good at all about my play this month.

Yesterday was a final walk- through with the theatrical consultant on the largest project I've ever worked on, and I was sweating it a little. For the uninitiated, I design lighting and rigging systems and install them in theatres, tv studios and churches for a living. So any of the rock n' roll type churches that you see on TV, that's kinda what I do. This project is the Westover Church is Greensboro, and it's a monster. Only about 2800 seats (only!), it is the most technologically advanced performance venue in the two Carolinas. By a long friggin' shot. These guys have dropped almost a million bucks into the lighting system for this facility, and I've been concentrating on this project for a couple of years now. So yesterday the consultant was coming in to tell us everything that we had fucked up and now had to fix. The list of these fuck-ups is called the punch list, and it usually holds up the final 10% of your money for months on end.

My punch list had one item on it. And we already knew that we were having issues with that piece of equipment and had a tech on site working on it. This is almost unheard of, especially with this consultant, so I was thrilled, our client was thrilled, and the consultant was thrilled. That was a huge monkey off my back, and now I can concentrate on selling more shit and finish out my billing for this puppy.

I'm looking forward to cruising down to BadBlood's Labor Day weekend for two days of debauching and pokery goodness. Okay, probably not so much with the debauchery, since we're all married and all that shit, but plenty of pokery goodness. C'mon, make the trip, it'll give you a good warm-up for the Bash!

My Bash plans have gotten kinda funky thanks to some work stuff. I've been volunteered for some management training in NYC on Monday and Tuesday of that week, and since I had always planned to fly to Philly on Thursday anyway for the degenerate's AC roadtrip, I figured, WTF, why not just be gone the whole week and get the company to cover my airfare?

So I fly into Philly Sunday around 11, hop an Amtrak to Penn Station. Hang out with old college friends Sunday night, do the work thing Monday and Tuesday. Hang around the city Tuesday night, then Amtrak back to Philly Wednesday. Spend Wednesday fucking around Philly, since I've never been there, you know, see the Liberty Bell, shit like that. Then commence Bash activities whenever the rest of the drunks land. So now I've gotta cram a shitload more clothes in the bag for the trip, since the office-type people expect me to wear shit like collared shirts and long pants, which are both pretty much verboted for good drunken party-wear. AND the fine fucks at UselessAirways killed my big bag on the flight back from Vegas, so off to Chez Target (pronounce Tahr-Zhay) for more luggage. Somehow I think I'll live. But the upshot is, I'll have a night to kill in NYC in a couple of weeks, you fuckers better call a brother.


DadWarbucks said...

There is a horse race track in Philly (Philly Park) and they have slots and perhaps a card room...Soooooo you might want to check that out. The Liberty Bell... "BORING".. You must have a REAL cheese steak sandwich also.
See ya Friday evening.
I'm looking forward to a big tourney. It's been too long.

Drizztdj said...

Target rules!

Not that I'm biased or anything of course :)

Adam Ziarnik said...

As a member of Westover, I just want to say thank you for the work you put into the Church! The lighting is great :) I can't wait to see a concert there, or some kind of major drama production.