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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Brandi, Buttlove, and I will fly someday

Damn you, Iggy. Talk about destroying workplace productivity. Really, if you haven't at least stopped by the thread of the year on 2+2, it's worth the hour or so it will take to get the highlights. Hovering somewhere around 225 pages of replies as of now, this one has all you've ever wanted in a poker story - hot young babe getting slapped in the back with Tom Franklin's penis, Dutch Boyd, Mark Newhouse getting a handjob, newhizzle getting offered anal, somewhere around $50K floating around various parts of the story, a couple of missing passports, and some videos from pokulator showing what appears to be a slut in a Santa suit.

It all goes to show, boys, if you think a chick that hot shouldn't really be hitting on you - then she probably shouldn't! And girls, if it doesn't make sense for that sweet old man to be that nice to you, he probably wants to smack his lingam on your spine! I couldn't make this shit up if I tried.


DuggleBogey said...

Tom Franklin obviously has some deep personal problems.

I can't believe someone would post about it in a public forum, and people would blog about it.

How dare they.


Tresa said...

I don't understand all of it, and I'm pretty sure I'm better off for it.