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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Cool internet toy

So I finally got around to upgrading Firefox on all my home computers today (the answer to the inevitable question is 2 laptops and a desktop) and I found a cool new plugin.

What? You're not using Firefox? Well, let's face it, except for Special K and Gregor, there's no one reading here who shouldn't be using Firefox. It's badass. And the new plugin that I found (I'm sure I'm late to the party here) is called Sage. It's a feed reader for RSS/Atom feeds that integrates pretty seamlessly into Firefox, and has a much better visual interface for reading blogs and things than Bloglines. And yes, you can import your Bloglines subscriptions to Sage. Just scroll down to the Export OPML function in your bloglines bar, export your subscriptions, then import them into Sage. Doesn't get much simpler.

Yeah, well, I get excited over new intertube thingys. Leave me alone. I know I'm a dork, leamme alone. You coming to Vegas? Have you not told me this information yet? Get off your ass, already!

1 comment:

Chad Carpenter (Yahoo IM: carchd) said...

Wow man, thanks for the heads up on this plug-in!