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Returning the Favor
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Saturday, May 19, 2007

minor poker content

You guys do understand that I do still write about poker. right? Frankly, I probably write more about poker now than I ever have, between PokerWorks, Gambling-Weblog and thinking about getting Full Shill Poker rolling again. OK, admittedly two of those "writing" gigs consist mostly of cutting and pasting press releases, but hey, those are aggregator sites that are all about reprinted press releases. Regardless, over at PokerWorks I've got some decent stuff going on, including the recent coverage of the Wynn dealer union vote and the MGM/Mirage response. I think it's pretty good stuff, so go check it out if you enjoy seeing a bazillionaire like Steve Wynn take one in the chops from the little guys.

I sure did.

Anyway, I got my monthly fix from Full Tilt this week and since I can't really get that money out of there, I've been donking around with a few SNGs, trying to remember how to play this game on the intertubes. I'm batting .500 in cashes, and except for a moderately bad beat last night by a real doofus who reraised my AQ with K6 and caught a 6 to send me home when I pushed over him (I had an M of 6 and understand that I should have open-pushed, really I do), I'm having a little fun with it. I'll still happily transfer my monthly FTP money to anyone who wants to send me PayPal cash or give me cash in Vegas in a couple weeks.

Aahhh, Vegas. It's that time of year when I play a whole lot of Gram Parsons "oooohhhh Las Vegas" on the iPod, as my trip to that Crystal City gets closer and closer to makin' a mess outta me. I get in Wednesday afternoon and figure to get to the Orleans around 4, get something to eat, maybe a nap (since sleep will certainly be in short supply for the rest of the weekend) and play somebody's daily tournament at 6 or 7. Maybe at the Orleans, maybe the 7PM at the Sahara. I do want to try more of the cheapo daily tourneys the first couple days, and if I manage to nail one, I'm gonna buy in to the $1500 WSOP event. Not because I think I have a snail's chance at fucking a gazelle of winning the thing, but because it would be cool to freeroll into an event.

Don't hold your breath. My live tourney wins are more few and far between than blog posts by Hdouble (and if you really wanna know how seldom that happens, there are a bunch of people coming to Vegas this trip that don't know who I'm talking about - come back, Henry!) but it's cool to dream about while I'm sitting in the library having my morning constitutional. If that referenc missed you, understand that in North Carolina, the library is the room with the porcelain furniture.

If it still missed you, Daddy will esplain it all to you. I'm done with this for a while, I hear the recliner calling me for a nap. Yes, I know it's 12:30 on a Saturday and I've been awake less than four hours. But I'm still taking a nap, so bugger off.


Short-Stacked Shamus said...

Best o' luck there in Vegas, man. Lookin' forward to the reports.

brdweb said...

Hey man I get in at 5pm on Wednesday and wanted to hit up one of those 7pm tournies if I can.....

I'm planning on playing the noon one at Caesars on Thursday.

Scott said...

Hey man, I could use $50 or so on FT, as I'm thinking of playing my first online poker in forever. So if you want a transfer on Paypal, let me know and I'll send you the cash.

Gamecock said...

Uhh, the above post is me, I stupidly forgot to login.

shamanalix said...

Caesars at noon and Sahara at 11 pm were the best plays when I was there last summer (not counting Orleans). Now Caesars has a cheaper 11 pm tourney that I've heard great things about; that may be the first one you should target if you're up to it. Paris has magnificent ones at 1:30 and 3:30 am if they get enough entrants. Luxor's tourneys are great but rise too quick, almost a freeroll/crapshoot (you'll see a lot of that most everywhere). Eager to see what Planet Hollywood did to Aladdin's. And Venetian, T.I. and Mirage lay nice tourneys I haven't tried yet. For ring games, Bellagio is THE place, with MGM close second (better for NLHE). You might want to check the schedules of the month-long Binion's Poker Classic and the Venetian Deep-Stack. Orleans' sensational tourneys include $40 LimitHE at 7 pm Wednesday, $75 NLHE noon Thursday and $40 Omaha H/L 7 pm Thursday; one rebuy in the evening tourneys -- and all are $5 bounty events, part of the entry fee (sweet side profit$). And then there's that little ol' WSOP. Write me at AOL if you need any other info/blind structures. Enjoy!!!