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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I'm dead sexy

Update - If I win by a landslide, as requested by STB I will leave the kilt at home in June. So vote for me and preserve your eyesight!

So someone (read:me) has nominated me for the sexiest male blogger over at Veneno's blog. I decided to self-nominate largely because I couldn't handle the concept of Waffle's winning. So here's my case for all of you going over to YoYo's blog and voting for me.

1. I'm taller. Let's face it, except in extreme cases, short just isn't sexy on guys.

2. I'm fat. And really, what's sexier than a little whale blubber to cuddle up next to on a cold winter's night?

3. I'm a thespian. And we all know thespians are great with their tongues. What? That's not what thespian means? Shit. Maybe this one isn't a winner for me after all...

4. A vote for me is another move in everyone's favorite game - Tilt the Waffle! Just think of it like a c-bet with AJ on a board that whiffed you entirely, then catching your Ace on the River, Greenstein-style.

5. Because gosh darn it, people like me. Can't fathom why, since I find most people boring, asinine and basically repugnant, but they do. Must be my frickin' sparkling personality.

6. Because I sport the kilt, baby. Beware, childrens, the wife gave me a new kilt for Christmas, and it will be making an appearance in Vegas in June.

So go vote early and vote often, Chicago-style.


StB said...

If I vote for you (in a totally non gay kind of way mind you but like a vote for Sanjaya to beat the system vote) will you not wear the kilt in June?

Kat said...

7. The voice. Oh dear lord, that voice.

Veneno said...

I'm sooo turned on by a man in a should break my only rule and change my vote.

Very cute!