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Returning the Favor
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Monday, May 28, 2007

Vegas WPBT Plans

So this is kinda my plan for the trip to the WPBT gathering in Vegas. Some of these are "official" events, and some aren't. Anyone who'll be there is welcome to join me for any of these outings, or I'm happy enough to rage solo. But this'll give you an idea of where I'll be and when.

Wednesday - I get into town around 3, so probably 4ish by the time I get to hotel and get cleaned up a little. Plan to eat something light and check out the Orleans poker room. The Orleans has a 7PM Limit Hold 'Em Tourney for around $80 that I may check out, or I might roll over to the Sahara and play their 7PM NL tourney. I've never played a limit tourney live, so that might be interesting. It goes off at 7PM, so that's appealing.

Thursday - Daytime for me looks like satellite day at the Rio. I want to try my hand at a couple fo the single-table satellites they've got going, so that's kinda my plan for Thursday.

Thursday night is the first official WPBT Summer Classic Event - Get Drunk at the Orleans Bowling Alley! One of the things I'm hearing great reviews of about the Orleans is the bowling alley, and like all fine bowling establishments, it includes a bar! So meet me down there around 8ish, and we'll start drinking like we're college kids again. I might bowl, I'm making no promises, but I'll drink like a damn fish.

Friday at 2PM is a $250 HORSE tourney at the Binions Poker Classic, which is really appealing to me for some sick reason. So if I'm ahead for the trip at that point, I'll probably cruise downtown and give that a whirl. Otherwise, I'll fuck around somewhere else. Call me.

Friday night, back by popular demand - Official WPBT Mixed Games at the MGM Night, including the always popular round of drinking at the MGM Sports Book. We usually kick off around 9. If you want in on the mixed games, give a shout beforeheand so we know whether to try and book one or two tables.

Saturday at 2PM in the Orleans Poker Room is the WPBT tourney. Be there or be...something. Saturday night I wanna do a nice dinner somewhere, so if a few folks wanna join me, lemme know.

Saturday night - Get Drunk at the Rio with our working friends! Since so many of our buddies have to work the WSOP, I thought it would be nice to take the party to them for a change, so we'll find the biggest bar we can at the Rio and make assholes outta ourselves over there!

Sunday - Brunch at the Wynn was such a great time last time around, let's do it again. Lemme know ahead of time how many people are coming so we can make arrangements. Brunch is something of a misnomer, since I'm shooting for noon, but whatever.

So that's my agenda, some of these are "official" events, some are just where I'll be. The greatest fun for me at these events is the randomness of it all, so I'll see you there when I see you, and we'll hang and drink and generally cause a ruckus. I seriously plan on getting bachelor party drunk at least once in the trip, so look out!


katitude said...

damn. sounds like it will be fun. anything else I could say right now sounds whiney.

Jason said...

Rachel and I will be getting in around the wee hours of Saturday morning. I'm planning to play the tournament; not so sure about her. But we're looking forward to seeing you.

Joaquin "The Rooster" Ochoa said...

I might take 25 to 50 on your action for the HORSE event. I figure that if anyone can win a HORSE event it should be a Donkey.

StB said...

I am in on Wednesday late and will be prowling the Rio. Will have to get your cell number to hook up for lunch or something on Thursday.

Thanks for all the work you have done on this.

Astin said...

I'm in late Thursday night, but I'll swing by the bowling alley and see if there's any degenerates still kicking around.

meanhappyguy said...

I'm in Thursday night sometime around when the Bowling starts. I'll come find you guys.

Thursday night bowling, Friday Night Mixed Games, Saturday Blogger Tourney, Saturday night WSOP heckling and Sunday Brunch all sound amazing.

I might have to skip the brunch and drive back to Tahoe, depending on when the Brunch gets going, but I can't wait!

Mattazuma said...

I may not get in early enough for bowling on Thursday, but count me in for the rest of the degeneracy.

Thanks for setting all of this up.