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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Friday, May 11, 2007

More Music talk

I promised poker talk after tomorrow night, so even less of that now. Except that I think Harrah's flattening the payout structure at the WSOP rewards mediocrity. That is all on that topic.

It's time for some musical recommendations from the fat kilted one.

1) If you've never listened to Reckless Kelly, go get yourself about fourteen PBR tallboys, buy or download their live album Reckless Kelly was Here, and have yourself a shit-kickin' good time. I would suggest making sure you have a hillbilly friend that you can beat the hell out of and still drink with to fully enjoy the album.

2) Cross Canadian Ragweed - stupid name, killer band. Cody Canada is a kickass songwriter, trust me. More PBR may be required for any of their albums.

3) Laps in Seven by Sam Bush - If you've read this blog for any length of time you know I think Sammy is nigh-messianic, and this is his absolutely finest studio album. I'm a sucker for live albums, so it'll be hard to beat the Fiddler's Grove concert I have of his, especially since I can hear my sister yelling in the audience that night, but for a studio album this is smoking. And it has his new banjo player, Scott Vestal, who brought a new dimension to the band.

4) Drive By Truckers - no beer, just whiskey. Lots of whiskey. Dirty old souther rock in the finest form. I recommend Carl Perkins' Cadillac as a track to start with. And yeah, if you buy the albums off amazon by clicking those link-type things, I get a kickback. Me, I buy the shit off iTunes cause it's cheaper, but if you're like my sister and your idea of fine literature is album liner notes, then I won't bitch if you buy the albums and get me a few pennies. Literally. Like 4% of the order. But if I ever add up to $100 in adsense and $25 in Amazon commissions they'll get around to sending me a check. Maybe by the time I've learned to play guitar and released a greatest hits album of my own.

Anyway, that gives you a little to start with. BG edifies you with Jazzy stuff to sip Shiraz to, I broaden your horizons with music to throw beer bottles at bands behind chicken wire with. Must be a slight difference in our upbringing, huh? :)


BG said...

Dude, fuck you and your upbringing ;)

My mom is from here, and my dad from this godforsaken place, population 339. The people up there are like a cross between eskimoes and hillbillies, although more fat and surly than either.

According to 2000 census data, if you take the median family income in Bessemer and add it to the median family income in Gaastra, then compare that number to my W2, I come out ahead.

Pbbfffttt... And you should be drinking Barolo or Brunello with your jazz anyway.

PearlSnapMan said...

If you like DBT, you should check out Lucero.

Brad "Otis" Willis said...

Good list, sir. I never thought I'd call another band CCR and feel okay about it, but in this case I do.