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Returning the Favor
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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Andrew Olmsted, blogger, soldier, casualty

hat tip to Shane.

I read this and cried out loud.

From the Rocky Mountain News - "Fort Carson-based Army Major Andrew Olmsted is blogging from the war in Iraq, where his mission is to teach members of the Iraqi Army how to defend their country and provide security for their people. Major Olmsted is a veteran blogger and he is determined to make a difference in Iraq."

He puts together cogent thoughts on the war and his place in it. I wish I'd known his writing earlier. Major Olmsted was one of three US soldiers killed in action on Thursday. Whatever your views on the war, and I know many of my friends disagree, moments like this make me feel very John Donne about the whole endeavor. I am diminished by Major Olmsted's death.

I'm gonna go tell my wife I love her.

Doc - Come home soon.


Bloody P said...

I posted about this as well. But in a much different manner.

The loss of Major Olmsted is tragic, to be sure. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.

But him "posting" from the grave is, well, creepy as hell.

Plus, the Babylon 5 references. All of the Babylon 5 references.

Seriously, I'm not an asshole, it's just all very weird to me.

The Wife said...

Thanks for the thoughts of DrChako . . . these kind of things make me wish I could accelerate these last few months for him. I'll feel better when he's on this side of the ocean.

BamBam said...

Well said sir. VNH !

Thoughts to the Doc were a special touch too.

As I said to Pebbles as we waited for our plane to depart Vegas, you're a good man Falstaff. It was truly a pleasure and my honour, to have been fortunate enough to get some extra time with you that weekend.