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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I've got too much shit. My house is full of stuff. Books, CDs, DVDs, all kinds of entertainment jazz, not to mention hundreds of items left over from running the theatre. So every so often I get into a mood to purge a bunch of stuff.

And since I'm generally a cheap money-grubbing bastard, I look for every chance I can to make a nickel back off all this stuff I paid for in the first place. So I've been listing a bunch of stuff on ebay, and taking tons of stuff to Goodwill, and wanted to share with you fine folk a couple of other ways I'm trying to turn my crap into cash.

First is - this place lets you send them CDs, DVDs and video games, and they give you cash for them. You've gotta ship your shit to them, but they're pretty quick about putting the cash into a paypal account. Some stuff they pay next to nothing for, but some stuff is pretty good. Their search feature on the site is good, too, so you can quickly figure out what they're offering to pay for things before you send them off.

Next is Amazon - their seller program is pretty easy to use and convenient. I've listed a bunch of scripts and books on there in hopes of getting a few bucks back out of my book investment, and a couple have already sold. It's just like anything else in that you might go days or weeks without a sale, but since these are books that were just laying around the office anyway, I don't really care. It's too cold to box them all up and set up a flea market booth, and this way I get a little better payday for most of them.

Then this morning I purged a bunch of shit from my office as well, in an effort to streamline my life a little bit, because really, couldn't we all use a more streamlined life? Oh yeah, poker? None here. I've taken a hiatus from playing online again after reminding myself once again that I suck outrageously at poker on the internet. So I might pop up now and then, but right now I'm more interested in playing Marvel Ultimate Alliance on my Wii.

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tcsparky said...

When I'm finished with it, I'll loan you my book, "It's All Too Much". It's a book by a professional organizer about how to organize and get rid of clutter.