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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Monday, January 21, 2008

Falstaff Home Game - Ice Bowl Edition

So there was poker of a sort played this weekend. Attendance was down due to birthdays, travel and weather, but five brave souls ventured out into the ice and snow to exercise their degenerate muscles.

I had two weather-based cancellations, one because he's a pussy and didn't want to drive in the 1-3 inches of snow we were forecast to receive (regardless of the fact that we saw basically zero accumulation), and one because OF pussy, which is a much better reason. His wife's evening plans were cancelled, so he decided to stay home and spend time with her. That translates into "I'm staying home to try and get some, for you non-married types. I applaud that decision.

It was an up and down night for me, mostly down. I didn't have many memorable hands, most of my wins were exploiting a tell I've picked up on Nate, and most of my losses were chasing bad and missing, or missing nut low draws in O8 or missing draws in Stud. That can get expensive fast. I finished up down $45 (not counting the $40 Suzy lost), so that wasn't bad for being almost $300 into the game.

Big Nick joined us, coming down off his tournament-only high horse for an evening on donkitude, and managed to score the Donkey of the Night Award. Special K raised from the cutoff to $2.50 ($.25/.50 blinds). I called from the button, T folded her small blind and Nick (big blind) looked down at his cards, and tossed out a call.

At that point I reminded him that the red deck was in play on that hand, not the blue deck that he was shuffling. Since the cards he looked at before calling were from the blue deck, he might have made a -EV move. Flop comes down with an Ace, Special K fires, we all fold. Nick is ashamed. Nice Hand, sir.

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