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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Hey - do something good - January Edition

We love Scott's wife, too. She's a bona fide saint for putting up with him. If you've got any spare change this month, hook her up. From his blog -

I love my wife more than anything. She has been nice enough to stick around through all the crazy that is me. On top of being my wife she has an even tougher job. She works for the Lance Armstrong Foundation here in Austin and spends her days speaking with people that are suffering through and fighting hard to overcome Cancer. There is not a day that goes buy that she doesnt cry. She is very close to several of the people she helps and each one of the losses touch her just like they are family.

MommaMc wont let me just give her the money for this little contest but I figure the least i could do for all the love she gives me and others is post it on this here little blog.

Dear Friends,

The LAF has a strong record of contributing to cancer survivorship in the Gulf Coast following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Four days following the landfall of the first hurricane, the LAF announced its commitment of $500,000 to help cancer survivors affected by Katrina get immediate assistance with their basic needs and healthcare. The LAF granted its first award on September 12, 2005, just two weeks after the storm. Applications for assistance came in on a daily basis and a committee of LAF staff met to review the requests on a rolling basis. The Foundation received 32 proposals for assistance and over the next six weeks the LAF awarded $599, 746.92 to 17 different organizations in 9 states. As a result of the LAF's contributions, more than 1,100 cancer survivors found the funds for food, temporary housing, transportation, utilities and the general necessities of life.

Lance, the LAF team, and Habitat for Humanity are looking forward to another great opportunity to provide hands-on assistance to cancer survivors in New Orleans. The LAF will collaborate with HFH to relocate New Orleans –area families who have faced the twin challenges of fighting cancer and displacement by Hurricane Katrina. Over the course of two days, January 29 and 30, Lance, the entire LAF team, elected officials, celebrity guests and stakeholders will work together to build new homes for these families.

I will be traveling to New Orleans over these two days as part of a 20-person team to build a new home for a family in need. Please join us by making a tax-deductible contribution to support our efforts to provide assistance to these families in need:

Thanks in advance for all you do!

Your Friend,
Brooke McMillan

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MommaMc said...

Thank you very much !