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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Friday, January 27, 2006

A little Pimpin'

Just a few new & newish poker blogs that I'm checking out pretty regularly. Stop over and give those folks a holla.

Klopzi's Mediocre Poker - This guy plays low limits and is fighting his was up the learning curve on internet poker and blogging. Sound familiar? I really likes his "Stages of a Poker Blogger" series. Some folks might not like the massive number of affiliate deals he pimps, but his site is clean and as a wise woman once told me "it's your blog. Do whatever the fuck you want." I think I want to see if he keeps up his series of poker blogger stages as he advances in both arenas, I've found it pretty interesting so far, and would love to see early posts from some of the grand old men and women of the blogging community. But not enough to actually read through archives for it. That's too much like work. But go check out Klopzi, he's cool.

The Randomness of Hoff - He bounces all over the map in his posts, and ranges from eclectic to breathless to downright funny, but any guy who posts Great Big Sea lyrics (really, my favorite band!) on his blog is kick-ass in my book.

Silent 4 - Austin bloggers are becoming more and more numerous, and none of them suck, which is impressive. This guy thinks a lot, which beats the living shite out of anything I wrote in my first couple months blogging. I think in time he'll be a good addition to the list of strategy blogs we all hold near & dear, like Hank & DoubleAs. So far, no additions to the drunken debauchery blogger stories from Alan, but we do have Al and the CantHangMafia for plenty of those. And really, Beck dancing on a speaker? That's priceless.

All In - Absolutely the most confident/arrogant URL for any blog I've ever seen, but more power to him for laying his goal out there for the world to see. Nick's been at this since last August, but I just found his blog last week. I'm a geek and a schmoe, so I gotta slam him a little for some spelling and grammatical errors, but it's fun reading his posts as he refines his game and learns more. Kinda like all the other blogs I read, I like watching people learn. Some folks I can say "Yeah, I figured that out last year." With Nick's last post, my response was more like "I figured that out last month." With some other folks, I'm reading their stuff and hoping I get the chance to play at that level and learn what they're really talking about. That's one of my favorite things about this blogging community.

There's a bunch more folks that I just started reading recently that may or may not be all that new to poker or blogging, but I like their stuff so I'll just give 'em a shout out. Not that anybody here hasn't seen these already. Just realized that since most of my readers are other bloggers, I'm totally preaching to the choir. Yeah, well, if you haven't seen these folks, go check them out!



iamhoff said...

Hell, thanks for the pimpage. It's kinda funny. I was going thru my Favorites folder, making sure I had transferred everybody over to the blog, and realized that you were in the Faves, but not on the blogroll. That will be corrected in the very near future. Always nice to find another GBS fan out there...great stuff. Anyway, glad you stopped by, and I'll make sure I keep it interesting!

Nick Christy said...

Thanks for the pimpage; hope my spelling and grammar doesn't bother you enough to stop reading.

Klopzi said...

Thank you for the write-up. Always appreciate good reviews and links. Poker bloggers seem to like having their egos stroked more than most, so thanks again.

As for the inordinate number of affiliate links on my site, I am trying to keep it under control. I'll stop at 20 affiliates...I promise.

I seriously do it partly as a joke (and I guess an annoying, inside joke at that) and partly because I like pretty, flashing ads and scantily clad women selling the sexier side of poker.

I personally haven't found evidence of a sexier side to poker...unless you count me playing SNGs in a g-string and nipple clamps...

iamhoff said...

Damn, Klopzi. Thank God for avatars. I don't know if I could handle the real image of the g-string and nipple clamps! Insert full body shiver here.

drewspop said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by and giving me your analysis of my post before I went on my visit to Mickey. I haven't had a chance to read through your stuff yet, but sounds like a good thing to do after a week of being away from work. Thanks again.

pokerpeaker said...

Thanks for stopping by, I really appreciate it.

bricotrout said...

just a friendly notice that garaj mahal will be at the visualite march 31st!

Alan said...

Thanks for the review. 14% of my hits have come from your blog the past week.

Likely to very few drunken debauchery stories, but I am heading to Vegoose in March so who knows.