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Friday, April 21, 2006

Home Game Hand Question

For Shelly – I use software called Faststone. It’s freeware and easy enough for me to figure out, so I like it so far.

Had a few folks over tonight to play cards, only five this week. Attendance was way down from the dozen or so that we had a few weeks ago, but my results were way better. By that I mean, not negative. I have now strung together two days of not losing in a row. I’m not shooting for winning, just not losing. I finished up about $15.

One interesting hand that I’m still kicking myself for. We had gotten down to 3-handed after emptying out the wallets of a couple of folks, so we switched to Crazy Pineapple. Short-handed No Limit Crazy Pineapple, Hi only. On this hand, I violated my cardinal rule of Crazy Pineapple, and it cost me. I never, ever, ever like to break a made hand to go for a draw. Unless my made hand is total shit and my draw is the nuts, 90% of the time I’m gonna stick with my made hand.

So I look down at KJT rainbow. Ten of clubs. Flop comes down KJQ, two clubs, and I bet $2 into a $1.50 pot. Dad calls, and now time for the discard. I toss my Jack, keeping my top pair with an open-ended straight and backdoor flush draw. Again, I kinda hate myself for doing that. Turn is something ragged and non-club. Another $2, another call. River is an 8, another $2, another call. I say “just Kings,” and Dad turns over Q8. I’m not really sick about the river draw out he put on me, more on myself for dumping the two pair in the first place. Peeps with more Pineapple experience, was that as stupid a play as I think, or do I have some justification in going for the draw?


BG said...

Is there anyone out there with a good gimmick poker strategy blog? Hell Johnny, you should take that up and fill the badly needed Pineapple/Up and Down the River void in the blogosphere yourself.

pmb said...

The only resource I know for Pineapple (albeit for high-low) is the satirical yet useful Crazy Pineapple for Advanced Players by Jerrod Ankenman at

Bsed on what I have read, I think that breaking your made hand to draw is incorrect, but would have been correct if you are raised. Your opponent may be slowplaying, but may be drawing to a hand like K9 or Q9 or JT. Also consider that, if you make a straight, you are less likely to get paid off unless your opponent has the same hand, so you are better off hoping to make a boat if your opponent makes trips or is slowplaying a flopped flush or hoping that your opponent makes a worse two pair.