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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Theatre post for a change

I did mention that my theatre life was picking back up a little, didn’t I? Well, check out for more info. Glenn is the Artistic Director of our theatre, Off-Tryon Theatre Company, and the playwright of the show that we’re taking to the coolest damn theatre festival in the US this summer. If you’re going to be anywhere near Asheville, NC around Memorial Day weekend check us out!

So with Off-Tryon picking up a little, my buddy Chris and I are still working on The Towers Project, turning people’s stories about 9/11 and the days following into a communal theatre piece. If you want to participate, email me or leave a comment. Chris has a new blog, check him out for rants and randomness.

Dad is in a show that my wife is costuming. He’s playing Brady in Inherit the Wind, a frighteningly timely drama. I want her to work a FSM shirt or logo into the show somehow, but she’s resisting.  

And it looks like we’re actually going to produce a couple of shows next season. We’re working on scheduling with the venue, but it looks like a 2-show season, which will consist of either Touch, by Toni Press-Coffman and Proof, by David Auburn, or we may replace Touch with Coyote on a Fence. Glenn wants to direct Proof and I’ve wanted to do Touch and Coyote on a Fence for a while. They’re all good shows, and only doing a couple of shows in a season will allow us to focus our energies a lot more and produce more consistently excellent work.

Yeah, poker. Didn’t play any last night. Might not tonight. Having a game Friday night, lemme know if you’re in town. Congrats to Maudie for her big WWDN win!

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