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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Put my toe back in the kiddie pool

So last night I sat down for a few minutes at the gamboling machine and played a tiny bit of limit. Micro-limit, even. Nickle-Dime on Stars. Because I have like $4.00 left on Stars and I’d like to rebuild a bit. I’d like to rebuild a lot, but there are holes in my game and I need to work on my folding technique before I redeposit. Unless I decide to play DADI 5 for a WSOP seat on Monday, which will require a redeposit. So I sit there for a few minutes and play ABC poker. Boring enough, but I doubled up in 30 minutes just by playing straightforward poker. If I had it, I bet. If I didn’t have it, I folded to a bet. Period. So now I have $6 on Stars, and let’s see if I can develop a little discipline before I’m completely broke online.

Things I’m trying to fix –

  1. I complete my SB with almost any two cards. Pablo gave me a great tip in Vegas that I defend my blinds with shit too often. He’s absolutely right, I do. And I complete my small blind with shit even more often. The long run will never be long enough for me to hit enough flops with my garbage to make up for the money I piss away in completing small blinds with crap.

  2. I call the river too often when my gut says I’m beat. That’s just fucking stupid and has to stop.
There are more, but no need to tell everyone in the free world how to take my money. So my current plan is to play the MPS sng’s on Full Tilt and concentrate on their Bracelet Race Tourneys, and play micro-limit on Stars to rebuild and work on my fundamentals. Too much Fancy Play Syndrome has crept into my game in the last few months and I need to screw the lid back on and play cards again.

Let’s see if I can manage any of that (.


Absinthe said...

Just remember that in a limit game especially that there's a very fine line between calling too often and not calling often enough. It's sorta like having a new girlfriend that way.

Joaquin "The Rooster" Ochoa said...

I always defend the blinds like Daniel from the Karate Kid...I fight for the honor of my blinds.

DadWarbucks said...

I've played many "limit" games on line and have found that MOST of the players stick around for the river. Limit Holdem should be re-named....... SUCK OUT POKER.