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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Friday, April 14, 2006

Randomness of Friday

Title with apologies to Hoff. Whew, Friday. It’s been a bitch of a week, but a lot less of a bitch for me than for Tripjax. I’m thinking about you, buddy.

Dad from our homegame has started his own blog, so now the ranks of Char-town poker bloggers is up to 3. Woo-Hoo! Look out, G-Vegas, we’re gainin’ on you! Okay, not really, but he’ll be a welcome addition to our ranks. Dad’s a great guy and a helluva fun poker player, so his blog will be kickin’ once he gets rolling. Nothing really there yet, but check back later for him.

Join me and the rest of the mediocre-cool kids this week playing in the Hammer Out Cancer charity tournament. Cancer research is so important, I dare you to find someone whose life hasn’t been touched in some way by that fucker, including yours truly, who never had the chance to fight with his mother-in-law because she died of breast cancer the year before Suzy and I met. Let’s get together and help Easycure hammer out cancer! Click the banner for details.

Along those lines, here’s my pledge – 50% of anything I win online this weekend will go to help the man with the biggest junk in bloggerdom in his kick for the cure. Unfortunately for Bob, I’m on a 2-month losing streak, but maybe this will be a good impetus to buckle down and focus a little more. Bob’s doing a cool fucking thing, go read about it. Tell you what, I’ll throw a minimum of $25 into the pot win or lose, so join Bob in kicking out cancer.

Let’s face it, our community is pretty damn cool. We’re a bunch of degenerates, stoners, unemployed degenerate stoners, donkeyfuckers, news hacks, steroid abusers, hippies, metalheads, guys who used to be cool, fat former athletes, scribblers, doctors (in more ways than one), lawyers, actors, and the occasional person with meaningful employment. But one uniting factor is that this is a generous bunch of folks. Whether it’s repairing broken punctuation or renting a luckbox to help a sister out, the generosity of this community has amazed me over the last year. You guys make me proud to call myself a poker blogger. I’m pretty sure that the WPBT has given almost as much to charity in the past year as BigMike has tipped to bartenders and waitresses (a viable charity all their own, I agree). That’s pretty damn cool, folks. Good fuckin’ game.


iamhoff said...

It's all good. I would have gladly played in the tourney, as my mother is currently battling appendiceal cancer (and holding her own tyvm). Ironically, dear and patient GF offered to cook Easter dinner for my parents that evening, so no pokah for me. My thoughts are with everybody there, tho. Play on!

iamhoff said...

And I've said it before and I'll say it again (and again and again): this blogging/poker community effin' rocks! Such a cross section of society and yet they've all got good attitudes and great hearts. Makes me all weepy proud to be even a small part of the gang.

TripJax said...

Thanks man...all the good vibes from you guys has helped. When I told my wife how many people we had thinking and/or praying for us she was amazed. Thanks again.