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Returning the Favor
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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Pokersavvy & SoCo - Doesn't get much better

So there are companies that “get it” and companies that don’t. In general, the folks on my sidebar “get it.” Full Tilt definitely gets it. They have the most options for getting into the WSOP, including the juicy bracelet race tourneys every night that I’m determined to win one of, once I finally stop LOSING EVERY FRIGGIN TIME I SIT DOWN. But anyway. Pokerstars gets it, too. They have great tourneys and great structure, plus they also support bloggers. Poker Source Online totally gets it, they’re giving a monster freeroll into the WSOP for bloggers. They kick much booty.

But not many folks can get it any more than PokerSavvy. Not only did they do a very nice blogger freeroll, Matt over there worked his butt off tom ake sure it was fun and for bloggers only, which was very cool. And now, in a sign that they absolutely understand where bloggers hearts lie, check out the SoCo bottle they’ve provided to measure how many WSOP seats they’re giving away to bloggers this year! So not only are they giving us a bunch of free crap, they’re representing with the official booze of the WPBT! So click through, sign up for stuff, which gets me stuff, and makes the level of the bottle rise! Can’t get much better than that, can it?

And speaking of getting it, there’s never been a question that Linda gets it. You can’t sit in the box for as long as she has and not get it. So now, you can go over to and check out the articles that I’m writing for Linda’s site. They’ve got great strategy articles and other cool info. So go check them out, too.

Oh yeah, I still suck at poker. I managed to not play at all last night. After I lost a SNG, an MPS SNG and busted out of an MTT before the first break, that is.

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