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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Monday, August 21, 2006

More Travel

So I’m in a hotel room again, this time on the beach in Wilmington, NC. Not a bad gig. I can in fact see water from my room, but it’s a canal, not the ocean. I’m on the wrong side of the hotel for that view. I’ll live. I’m here for the NC Theatre Conference Professional Theatre Gathering, which is interesting since I no longer run a professional theatre.

Yeah, our hiatus is now pretty permanent. I still want to produce the occasional thing, direct and design the occasional show, but I no longer have the energy to beat myself bloody trying to produce a full season, keep a venue running and all the assorted stuff. We’ve got a few checks left to write, one grant check to receive, and then it will be pretty much retired. We’ll end up the run owing money to no one except me, and only a few bucks there, so that’s a pretty good five year run. We did some good work, had a positive impact on some people, and had some fun. So I’ll look back on it with more fondness than bitterness, and I guess that’s all I can take from it right now.

But I step in as president of the North Carolina Theatre Conference in a month, so it’s not like I’m done with theatre by any stretch. As such, I’m also on a 3-year term as the NC representative to the Southeastern Theatre Conference, so I have responsibilities on a little larger scope, just not directly producing shows. Should be an interesting little ride.

Oh yeah, I played a little poker and won back a little of what I lost on Wednesday. Now the roofers are putting a $400 dent in my bankroll to fix a leak in the roof. Oh well, I’m still in the game. Mostly. Long as nothing else in the house blows up. At least I have a bankroll to take care of these little emergencies, otherwise it would be a real pain on our household finances.


Shelly said...

Good to hear you're keeping a positive perspective on things - makes it easier I think to move forward. I agree about the bankroll - I spent mine fixing up my house to sell it, but I'll be able to reseed it and then some with the equity from my sale. I close in 10 days. w00t!

Klopzi said...

I may end up using some of my bankroll to pay for the damned hardwood flooring they're trying to put in.

Dirty bastards...

cc said...

Hope this is a great new beginning for you. gl

Easycure said...

So the kilt-wearing crazy guy I met before is a CHARACTER!?

You are good, sir!

Arcola Tisdale said...

Seems as though most of the other fringe companies in Charlotte are in limbo/dead as well.. mostly due to lack of venues, or lack of sane people running them.

Why is it so difficult to create something out of nothing and hold it together, but yet so easy for it all to fall apart??

So very few people nowadays ( and in the Southeast in particular) have no appreciation for the level of difficulty,dedication, concentration, and overall stress thats involved putting together a single show and all the obstacles and predicaments that must be overcome during the process from start to finish, with more things working against you than in your favor.

Although , I guess it's impossible for most people to realize all that, because at the end of the day, it might appear to look easy.

It ain't.

Thanks for all your hard work, sacrifice, blood, sweat and tears.