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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Forgive me Grubby, for I have sinned

That was all I could think of as I left the buffet Friday night - how disappointed Grubby would be in me. After all these years of going to Vegas, reading blogs, and I make such an amateur mistake as to leave my coupon book in my hotel room and miss out on 2-for-1 buffets with my player's card. I hung my head a little in shame.

Admittedly, I did try to atone for my sins by making Suzy sign up for an otherwise-useless Belterra casino player's card so that we could use our buffet coupons on Saturday and Sunday, netting us a total of 6 buffets for the price of 4, but I missed on the big one. Friday night's dinner buffet was easily twice as expensive as either the lunch or breakfast buffet that I did use the coupons for, but I forgot all about the coupon until we were leaving the restaurant Friday night. Mea culpa, mea culpa.

But I think we did okay taking advantage of other freebies at the Belterra. We each got a keychain bottle opener for signing up for a player's card, and we played the silly match 3 numbers on the computer kiosk and win money game, because it was free. I hit 4 matching numbers and won $25, so that covered my buffet mistakes. Overall my impression of the Belterra casino was very favorable. The rooms and public spaces were all beautiful. Maybe not Wynn beautiful, but MGM Grand beautiful. The food was great, some of the best fried chicken I've had in years, and I'm something of a fried chicken snob.

I upgraded to a jacuzzi room, thinking rightly that after a 9+ hour trip to get there I'd want a soak in the tub, and I was right. It was definitely worth the extra $20 per night for the monster bathroom and jacuzzi tub, I just wish we had been able to get a non-smoking room, since everything we had reeked by the time we got home.

The best part about the Belterra was the staff. Top to bottom we had great experiences with the people that worked there. Everyone was very pleasant, going out of their way to make our trip enjoyable. Even though it's obviously a locals' casino, there was never a vibe of dislike towards the touristas, or anything like that. The pit dealers were great fun, and the guy that taught us Let It Ride was a hoot, so we played that Sunday morning before we left for home.

It was a good trip overall, and I'll have some photos later, plus some more in-depth trip report type shit, but for now, it was good, and I left a casino in the black for poker for a change.

We may never discuss my dark 30 minutes of Pai Gow, but I was up from playing poker.

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StB said...

A casino handing out church keys!?!?! Sweet!