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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Friday, August 10, 2007

Well, that's almost a waste of a good milestone...

And it's not even really much of a milestone. This marks post #555 for this little corner of the interweb, spanning some three years now. Jebus, that seems like a lot of words for not a lot of pokery improvement.

Yeah, really. I'm not sure I'm much better a player overall than I was when I started this blog. Yeah, I've read a bunch more shit, and I know more about how to play properly, but my overall play doesn't really show it. I kinda let my spreadsheet lapse after the debacle that was my summer Vegas trip, but I know it'll take a lot more than a good run in home games (which I've had ever since July, and I know I just cursed myself for tonight) to dig me out of the red ink. I've said it more than once, but thank God there are people out there who'll pay me to write about poker, because I sure as fuck can't support my desire to play on my winnings.

I've stuck my toes back into the online world a little, thanks largely to a few kind souls using bonus code FALSTAFF when they signed up for Full Tilt (and the more of you who do that, the more money I can give away at the virtual tables). Feel free to join them, or click one of the nice poke site banners and sign up for PokerStars. I've been broke on Stars for months now, so if someone needs an account there, please click a banner and hook me up. Okay, done groveling.

So last night I got a little tired of getting my Aces and Kings cracked at the baby No-Limit tables, and decided that the way I can stay focused enough to play tight is to open more tables at higher stakes.

Yeah, I know.

But it worked for a change. I popped onto two tables of 2/4 LHE, and two tables of 3/6 LHE, and managed to eke out a $35 or so profit for the hour or so I played. It helped that I was completely card dead on two tables, so folding every hand was easy. I found that with more tables open, and interesting amounts of money in every pot, I was able to not fuck around as much.

Interesting Limit/No Limit disparity - suited connectors and gappers are very seldom worth calling any raise with at a limit table, but I'll often call a small raise at a no-limit table with those hands. Because in Limit, I'm playing to win pots, and in No Limit, I'm playing to win stacks. I don't remember who I stole that phrase from. If you do, tell me in comments.

So I hit a few hands, missed a few flops, and found myself a few bucks to the good when all was said and done. Obviously my plan of playing a fuckton of SNGs and running up a bankroll to the Shootout at the WSOP next year has fallen by the wayside, but I still think that's the best tourney for an amateur and if I can establish enough liquidity will enter that event next summer.

Oh, and it's hot. Hotter than fuckall to be exact. Yesterday broke heat records in Charlotte, and let's face it, anytime it's triple-digit heat, it's fucking brutal. And the air is fucked in my office, so it's a nice steamy 85 degrees in here.

And I just got this in an email from the Imperial Palace, so that presents a challenge for the upcoming Winter debauchery.

In the past the Imperial Palace has hosted a poker event for your party. We now have new Management and are taking the poker room in a new direction. We will no longer be able to offer you a poker tourney under the same agreement. That said if your still interested in holding a poker tourney here I will need to know how many people your expecting so I can give you a price quote on tables and cocktails.
Thank you,

Imperial Palace

So we'll see how that turns out. I might be looking for another place to hold our tourney. I'm thinking about not booking a block of rooms anywhere, just telling people where I'll be and letting folks book their own stuff, because the IP wants me to be on the hook for the rooms in our block if they don't all book, which blows. Let me know if a room block is crucial to you.


Tcsparky said...

Well, I guess you could look at their offered agreement and see if it sucks out loud or is tolerable.

He needs to have someone proofread his letters before sending them out, spell check just doesn't seem to work for him... Perhaps I'll offer that service in exchange for a free room.....

I don't have to have a block of rooms. I missed the one last time and it didn't make a difference in the fun factor. The IP keeps offering me discounted rooms, so maybe I'll get another offer closer to time that covers that particular weekend!

Anonymous said...

Yes you are correct spell check didn't work for me. I don't mind if you leave the e-mail up there just please take down my name.

on_thg said...

I'd say a room block is unnecessary.

Them wanting you to guarantee payment is just plain retarded.

Drizztdj said...

We now have new Management and are taking the poker room in a new direction.

Bigger Keno room?

I hope they don't change too much, I like(d) the cozyness of the room :(