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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I think I'm starting to get...

Why the good Dr. likes Phish and Trey Anastasio so much. I'm jamming to one of Trey's albums on Napster while I sit in the den doing my evening writing assignments and blogging, with my headphones on so that Suzy can watch AMC and we can at least be in the same part of the house together. That Trey guy can really jam.

Nothing really exciting going on, played a little Razz last night, won a couple bucks, no biggie. Did get bounced from a NLHE SNG early when a guy played his hand way stronger preflop and on the flop than I expected from 44 in middle position, so I slowplayed my flopped top two right to the rail when he caught a set on the turn and I re-raised him all-in. Oops, bad read. IGPRN (I go play razz now).

Broke out the bike the last two nights, and tonight I figured out how to get my little bike computer to get off metric, so I can understand how far I'm riding. I felt really good about the 10 miles I rode last night, until I realized that my odometer was reading metric and I'd really done 10K, more like 6 miles. Still pretty good for a guy that 3 months ago wouldn't go half a mile without a car, much less choose to ride a bike for any reason.


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Pokerwolf said...

Kudos for keeping up with the biking, bro!

If you have a road bike, you'll want to get yourself some toe clips. Yes, they're annoying to get used to, but the reason to get them is that they work different muscles in your legs as you pull up on the pedal versus just working the muscles used when your feet push down on the pedals. It's more of a balanced workout and it burns more calories!