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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

WPBT Winter Gathering

So here's the latest info.

1) There won't be a room block, per se, but I will be staying at the Imperial Palace because it's centrally located and cheap. They were willing to give me a discounted block of rooms, but they wanted me to guarantee 30 rooms booked, and I can't do that kinda fiscal liability. We should all be able to get rooms there cheaply, and then folks that want to stay elsewhere can do so.

2) Still working on the tournament location, but it looks like we might be headed back to Caesar's. The new poker room management at the IP doesn't feel like they have the facilities to host a group as large as ours. I will contact other venues as well, and I'll keep you posted.

3) Here's the tentative schedule -

Thursday Night - Drinking at the Geisha Bar at the IP, followed by Craps and Pai Gow lessons, followed by an en masse storming of the Imperial Palace karaoke bar, led by the WPBT official karaoke uber-redneck, GCox.

Friday Night - Drinking in the Sports Bar at the MGM Grand, along with the assorted Mixed game donkage

Saturday - Tournament during the day, drinking heavily in the evening

Sunday - Football - Mandalay Bay Sportsbook - a winter blogger tradition.

For those less interested in football, I will be renting a mini-van and driving out into the desert to look at the pretty rocks. My mini-van is full, but we'd be more than happy to do a caravan of photo-geeks if more folks want to join in.

That's kinda the plan is it sits right now. The wife, the father-in-law and I will be going to see Love at the Mirage Saturday night, lemme know if you want to get together for some dinner beforehand and join us for the show.

Oh, and read the comments to my last couple posts. The conspiracy theory comment spammer hath returned!


SirFWALGMan said...

You sure that is not just Daddy?

Tcsparky said...

I booked my flight!! Coming in on Thursday night around 11 (just in time for the heavy drinking) and leaving Monday mid-morning. Haven't decided on a a hotel yet. Anyone have suggestions for a good place to stay? Doesn't have to be cheap...but not terribly expensive either, since I'm not a trophy wife...I pay my own bills.

StB said...

Hmmm...Falstaff organizes the gathering on the same weekend the Spice Girls are having a concert. Coincidence???

StB said...

Anyone who has played at the IP and has one of their player cards will probably get a free weekend offer in the mail in October.

Jim The Knife said...

It appears that a LOT of drinking will be going on. Shame shame...

Tcsparky said...

Well, last time I didn't get to participate in the heavy drinking...I'll have to make up for that. I do have an IP player's card, and I do get offers for cheap rooms pretty frequently. Can't guarantee one for that particular weekend, though. Caesar's was suggested as being nice, as was TI.

I'll book something soon.

Ignatious said...


Irongirl01 said...

He spammed me too twice so I had to enable the word verification thingee again.

How the hell are you??!!??

shamanalix said...

Just learned of the con dates at Mookie game tonight. Cannot wait! Trop seems to have some cheap(er) rooms that weekend, so that might be the way I go. Or someone want to split costs? I need another book autographed by mattazuma...