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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Thursday, August 23, 2007


Did I spell that right? Somebody lemme know.

Anyway, last night was spent in full-on geek mode, trying to resurrect my deceased desktop. I don't know what happened to it, but shortly after I began thinking "wow, three working computers is a few too many for a household of two," my desktop took a shit.

A big one.

I'm not really sure how to describe it, but it doesn't boot. It shows the little light-up ring around the power button that indicates it's powered on lights up, but never gets anything onto the screen. I'm sure that for a couple hundred bucks somebody could fix it for me, or tell me how to fix it myself, but let's face it - I was trying to figure out a way to consolidate computers anyway, and this is as good an opportunity as any.

So off I boogie to CompUSA to pick up an external enclosure for an internal hard drive, so that I can reclaim some of the 150+ GB of writing, music, tv shows and porn (DON"T FORGET THE PORN) I had stored on that hard drive.

So I hook all that up, after getting a haircut (BTW, did you ever notice that after a radical haircut change, like, say, back to short & spiky from the long & floppy, that it takes a second whenever you look in the mirror to remember why you look different?), and lo and behold, Norton 360 rocks!

Not only had I set it up to protect me from viruses (virii?) and other shit, but I had set up the backup to copy my My Documents folder from my C drive onto my D drive, which was now my 250GB portable hard drive. Bonus! Now I don't have to take my portable drive apart, yank out the D drive, put in the C drive, copy all the relevant shite from My Documents onto the laptop, then reverse the portable drive assembly process and put all that shite back together again, then copy all the relevant shite that used to be on my C drive but is now on my laptop's hard drive onto my portable drive.

But it backed up My Documents onto that drive already, so I don't have to do that. Yay, me.

Hey G-Vegas goobers - go to the Handlebar tonight and see Seven Nations, they kick ass, I promise.

I played a SNG last night. A HORSE SNG. I was fucking around in iTunes moving files and redirecting iTunes to look for music on my new F drive (portable formerly known as internal D drive), and reducing redundancy in my music storage, and I missed the change from R to S.

So 3-betting with A24 was not my best move ever. Especially since the blinds were high and I had the 2 showing. Of course I make this mistake on something like level 8, so I was fucked and out in 8th.

I play poker g00t.


Student of Life said...

I'm here in G-Vegas tonight. I love Seven Nations. I won't be able to go see them, though. Otis is in the real Vegas. Li'l Otis is in bed. Wah, me.

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