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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Friday, October 19, 2007

Other Upcoming Boogie

I will be found, rocking like a high school kid, at the following upcoming shows. Feel free to join me if you think you can hang.

October 28th - They Might Be Giants - Neighborhood Theatre, Charlotte - I last saw TMBG at the 1313 Club in something like 1993, and they kicked a whole lotta ass then. I expect the audience to be full of thirtysomethings who know all the words to "Flood." I'll be in my element.

November 5th - Cross Canadian Ragweed - 5 Points, Columbia - There will be much partying. Hopefully I can crash on my niece's couch cause I'm sure I'll be too tanked to drive home.

November 14th - Reckless Kelly - Cat's Cradle, Carrboro - They put on one of the best concerts I've seen in my life last time I saw them. It'll be worth the 3-hour drive.

November 24th - Cowboy Mouth - Visulite, Charlotte - I've managed to be out of town every.single.time these guys have played Charlotte before now. Really looking forward to this Nawlins-style frenzy.

January 24th - Enter the Haggis - I have no good excuse for missing their last show. It won't happen again.

Come hang with Uncle Falstaff as I rock out through the fall and winter. My plan this next six months is to see more good boogie and do less boring theatre.

1 comment:

Uncle Bracelet said...

Is the Neighborhood Theater in NODA?

If so, I was there a few weeks ago walking to the the Smelley Cat to get the woman some coffee, and noticed the poster for the upcoming They Might Be Giants show. I commented to the lovely girlfriend, "Oh how the never mighty have fallen!"

That's a pretty cool area right there. Her sister lives right in that neighborhood and if things go well I may find myself down there in a year.

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