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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Monday, October 15, 2007


So after my miserable play last weekend, I went into the home game this week with a new plan. o really, I had a plan for the home game. It may sound ridiculous on the surface, but when you realize that there's something like $6-700 on the table, there's money to be made in this home game. My plan?

Stop calling preflop raises with shit, and play my big hands harder.

Yeah, that was it. It doesn't take a whole lot, really. Just tighten up a bit preflop and jam my big hands more. I still feel like the right way to play this game is to see as many cheap flops as possible, and then if you hit something big on the flop, take full advantage.

So it's not that I was trying anything tricky. Just the opposite really, I was playing much more straightforward than usual. Since nobody at the game ever gives me credit for having decent cards, I don't need to get creative. Just wait around to catch decent cards, and then play hard when you get them.

Now my definition of decent cards is a bit looser than most, and includes suited connectors are one-gappers as low as 8-6, but all it took to reverse my fortune from last week was that minor adjustment in my game.

It didn't hurt that Nate didn't catch every single hand he chased this week. I hit a fair number of draws, but missed or folded just as many. In general, I decided to play tighter than normal and take advantage of the fact that everyone assumes I play nothing but shit cards.

Yeah, I know most of the folks in my home game read this from time to time. It doesn't matter, they still won't give me credit for any decent cards. And by the next time we have a game, I may have decided to go back to playing looser than a JV cheerleader.

I gotta boogie, Monday Night Football is on, and I took Don's advice and took the Falcons. 5 minutes into the first quarter and it looks like good money. Still plenty of time for it all go pear-shaped.

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