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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Monday, October 01, 2007

My Legs Hurt...

But after the raping I took at the home game Friday night you'd think my ass would hurt, too! Basically I played most of the night ahead or slightly behind, then an orbit of stud where I couldn't hit water if I fell out of a boat, followed by a final hand of O8 where I couldn't catch a cold put me busto for the night when I finally got to the point where I'd rather shove all in and lose the little I had left in front of me than cash out $27. So I did - lose the little left in front of me that is. It was a fun night, with a couple of nasty, nasty stud hands making for big pots.

In one, I started life with rolled up Aces, and led out for $2 (this time we were playing $.50 - $2 spread limit), because as I mentioned "if you have an Ace in the door you have to bet. It's a stud law, right?" As is typical, nobody thought I had anything to go with the ace, since I typically don't. When I hit the 4th Ace on 5th street, I just kept swinging, and people kept calling. Oddly enough, my quads were good.

Fast forward a little to the next orbit of Stud ($1-$5 spread limit now), and BG starts with buried 6s. I pick up two pair, and Jim and Rassler both had really flushy boards, so when I don't boat up on 7th, I dump my Aces up. Good move, since Jim and Rassler go at it with boat-over-boat, and all the chips slide over to BG when he turns over his very own quads to drag a true mosterpotten. Jim ended up the big winner for the night, taking almost all of Nate's money, while I think Rassler finished up almost exactly what I was stuck, so it was a fun evening overall.

We were shorthanded all night, since Uncle Phil phoned in sick and Little Nick got mugged the night before and was in the hospital. Dude was walking home a block from his apartment, in a decent neighborhood, when he got jumped by three of the dumbest crooks in the history of the world. They beat the shit out of Nick, cracked his skull and ran off when the lady whose house they beat him down in front of turned on the lights and called the cops, but then proceeded to use his credit cards at several ATMs (with cameras) and at a nearby drugstore (with cameras). So they'll doubtless get caught, and all I can hope is that they're identified very clearly, and let go. I know a few guys that might want to have a little chat with them. Nick will be okay, they're talking about letting him come home today or tomorrow, once they're sure the blood clot on his brain has been absorbed. He got lucky. If they'd hit him just a little bit harder, he'd be dead.

So after getting my ass kicked Friday night I hop on the bike early Saturday morning and go for a ride. More like I load the bike onto the back of the Toaster and drive to a safe place to ride, but whatever. I put 12 miles on the Schwinn Saturday, and realized that I really, really want a road bike. The Schiwnn Voyageur just is too heavy, and geared too small, and all sorts of other things that don't give me enough power to make anything happen. So now I'm shopping again, and will soon have the Schwinn up on ebay or craigslist. My project manager here at work has a bike that he'll sell me for $600 if he wins the ebay auction he's watching for a new bike, so we'll know tomorrow how that looks. Otherwise, I'm looking at craigslist, since I just can't see me dropping $1200-$1500 on a bike right now. More like, I can totally see me doing that, and it would be a BAD THING, so I'm concentrating on the used market.

Been playing a little poker online. I still suck. No news there.

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