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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Happy Birthday Tao! and Easy!

So today marks the 5th Birthday of Tao of Poker, and to commemorate, the doc is throwing a birthday tournament on PokerStars. Which is great, except I have .27 on Stars.

Frankly, I have practically no money on FTP, either, so I'm not even looking for a swap. I'm looking for someone to gift me $5.50 on Stars to play the event. If I win, I'll give it back. If I don't (which I won't) I'll buy you a beer sometime. So go ahead, transfer $5.50 to jhartness on PokerStars, you know you want to.

There's really only about a 40% chance I'll remember to play, in which case I'll refund the mobney. But it's really cool of Pauly to set up this tournament, which has a trip for two to the Borgata with a buy-in to the $5k event there built in for first place.


And Happy Birthday, EasyCure! Leos rock!

UPDATE - So I actually looked at the PokerStars cashier, and saw that they now do Echecks. So I dropped $25 on there, and I'm signed up. Somebody gonna call me to remind me to play?

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