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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Saturday, August 23, 2008

A week that was

Yeah - I've been MIA for the week. It's been kinda retarded, and honestly, I get into a little funk every year right after my birthday and don't really feel like writing. So I'm back now, and here's what's been going on.

Monday - nothing impressive. I don't really remember anything specific that went on, so there it is.

Tuesday - meh - average work day - meeting in the morning, quotes in the afternoon, again - nothing impressive. I played a little on FTP - won a SNG, doubled my bankroll there.

Wednesday - played the warehouse game again and tried a different approach to the game, and failed miserably. I shot for a small-ball approach, and splashed around in a lot of pots. That didn't go well and I busted before the first break. I'm sure that it's an effective strategy in a deep-stacked tourney with long levels, but in a relatively short-stacked tourney with quick levels, the standard TAG approach I had taken in past weeks is more effective.

I played the cash game later, and that went about as well as everything else has gone in August. I dropped a couple of buy-ins, and the only real saving grace is that even though it's a 2/5 game, the average buy-in is $200. Had I played a real 2/5 game, I couldn't even have bought in twice, much less lost two buy-ins without vomiting. I felt like I played fairly well, but one brief period of impatience cost me most of my stack.

My defining hand came against the biggest donk at the table, a kid that never saw a starting hand he didn't like. He went at least 45 minutes playing every single hand at least to the flop, and usually to the river. I picked up AQ off suit in late position, and made it $25 to go preflop. I got a couple of callers including the kid. The flop came down Q-2-x with 2 spades, and I fired out $50. Two callers with one of them being the kid. Turn is a blank, and I fired out $75. The kid was my only caller, and the river was my absolute nightmare - the As.

Kid checked, and instead of checking behind in fear of the flush, I decided that if he'd made a flush he certainly would have bet out, so I pushed a stack of reds into the middle. I thought the obvious value bet would make him fold a small flush, but the kid made the call with the wheel straight and the baby flush. Kid had 4s-5s, and couldn't let go of the baby flush, and stacked a bunch of my chips.

Not long after that I pushed in with 2nd pair, top kicker over top of an aggressive player's flop bet, he called with a flush draw, hit it on the turn and IGHN.

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