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Returning the Favor
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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

NC Ink

No, it's not yet another tattoo show, although I admit to being fascinated by LA Ink. I'm just saying, chicks with ink are hot!

So I got my first (and currently only) tattoo for New Year's a few years ago. I don't remember if I got it when I was 30 or 31, but anyway, it's been a few years. Well, several friends of mine have added new ink in the past week, and that, coupled with the fact that I've had my design ready for several months now and have just been waiting for the right time, piled on top of the fact that my 35th birthday is next week, led me down Monroe Road last night after my production meeting looking at tattoo parlors.

I did a bunch of research on tattoo parlors in Charlotte, and decided on Nikki's Custom Tattoos, mostly because I liked the philosophy of Nikki, the owner, the openness of Jason, her new artist, on his web bio, and because my friend JW got his tat done there last week and it looks really nice. So I went in and talked with Jason, and showed him my artwork.
I really like this particular celtic cross because of the claddagh in the center, and I'm having him do the cross in black & grey, and take out the lines on the wheel and turn it into a ring of fire. The ring of fire (obv. Johnny Cash reference) symbolizes my love of music, the cross itself is for my heritage (hailing from the British Isles from way back in my family's history), and the claddagh is for me & Suzy.

I had originally thought about putting it on my upper arm, but since I'm less bicep-prone than some people, my arms are a little short of real estate. So he's gonna put it on my right calf, since my calves are significantly larger than my arms (although that would likely change if I pedaled with my arms). My appointment is for Thursday after work, so I should have new art to show off for the home game this weekend!

And my birthday tournament is next Saturday, if anyone is around and wants to join in, lemme know.

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