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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Monday, August 25, 2008

Must be Monday, cause my balls ache

Wow - what a great big back of suck today was. After staying up to the ass-crack of dawn last night live-blogging the Sunday Million for PokerStars, then getting up and heading to a decent meeting this morning, the wheels fell off my day when the mechanic called.

Oh yeah - there's a mechanic story. So Saturday morning, after sleeping for a hair over two hours post-poker, we got up and headed to the flea market. We got close to the interstate when Suzy's truck started to overheat. This had been a problem before, but adding coolant would fix it. All I really wanted was for the truck to limp along for a few more weeks until I could sell it, but that obviously was not to be. When we found out that not only was the truck not good for the 25 miles to the flea market, but that AAA will not tow a pickup with a bunch of cargo in the bed, we limped it home and went back to bed for a bit. I got up, limped the truck down the street to the mechanic, and made the move to see what it was gonna cost to get the coolant situation fixed.

That answer came in this afternoon - $2,000. With my AAA discount, that's only $1,800. Nice for a truck that I'm hoping to sell for $3,500. Oh, and that doesn't fix the AC. Or the handle on the third door. Or the center console. Or the seals on the doors. This might be a break-even proposition (at best) in selling the truck.

So that sucked. Then I came home for what I thought was a brief errand, loading a bed frame into a friend's car. Except she was late. And it was raining. Then she was lost. Then she was later than ever. And it was raining.

So that sucked. Then I make it back to work for an hour or so and get a call from an electrical contractor that I had put out a bid to a few months ago. We were low. They were low. WAY low. So low that there's probably a few things missing.

Like $35,000 worth of rigging from my proposal. So I get an angry call from this EC as we try to come together in a way to make the numbers not suck horribly for each of us. So that sucked.

Then I drove around town to three different SunCom stores to get my wife a new cell phone since AT&T doesn't work in my house. It works in my yard, but not in my house. But I got Suzy a new phone, and the monthly bill will drop from $70 to $35 (not sure what the bill will look like after tax, probably $40, but still an improvement) so that helps the monthly bottom line. It should take me about 6 months to amortize the early cancellation fee, but I was stuck under contract until September '09 otherwise, so that is an improvement long term.

So my day sucked, and I came home and lost a few dollars playing poker before finally deciding to just watch football. I don't have any money on it or any emotional investment in the Seahawks or Chargers, so it can't really suck. Hope you're all well.

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