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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Home Game silliness

So this time last week I hadn't hosted a home game in a month or more due to theatre stuff, so the regular band of retards gathered at my house on Saturday night to sling chips and drink beers.

Note to self - maybe drink less beers and more people will sling chips in your general direction.

I don't know that I played more than three hands well all night, and I'm pretty sure I never strung together two good hands in a row. My play was for shit, and my results reflected it. If ever I've deserved to lose a couple of buyins, it was Saturday night.

Some people may have had the same to say about Friday night as well, and I'd be hard-pressed to argue, but I didn't, so there.

I did manage to hang on to my first buy-in for three hours, which usually means I'm going to have a killer night. But since I didn't win much after the first orbit, all I was doing was hanging on to my first buy-in, not really doing anything with it. I did manage to triple up in a hand where I tilted Special K by cracking his KK with 10-8 sooooted. He couldn't stay too tilted for too long, since I was quickly back into my pocket for buyins 2-4, while he actually managed a meager profit on the night.

And for the record, I shoved with my shitty suited one-gappers, I didn't call with them.

But my one good hand, the hand that allowed me to finish the night only down 1.8 buy-ins, came in Omaha. I picked up some great starting hands once we shifted to Omaha, lots of K-K-10-x suited, A-K-10-x-double suited type hands, but couldn't make anything happen with them. So I pick up 9-9-x-x and limp in, because limping was the flavor of the table, and I see a flop of 9-6-4 with two hearts on it. I fire out $10 into the $4 pot, because that guaranteed me at least two callers, and Big Nick popped it to $35.

I had about $100 behind, and I had kinda been hoping for just this action. I figured everyone between Nick and I would fold, and since we were on the next-to-last hand of the night, I didn't mind the possibility of putting all my chips in the middle. I figured Nick had a heart draw, and maybe an overpair, so when the action folded around back to me, I shoved. It was $66.50 for Nick to call, and he went into the tank for a long time before finally making the call. He turned over 6-4-J-5 for two pair with the heart draw, I dodged the 8 non-boat hearts and doubled up.

Yeah - not terribly exciting, but it was my best hand of the night, so there you go.

I did indeed play the Tao of Poker 5th birthday party event last night, and performed about as well as I expected. I went out before the first break on a coin flip when I called off all my chips preflop with AK and didn't improve against pocket 10s. I did outlast Hoy, Waffles and Special K, so I wasn't Gigli. Congrats to Garry Gates on taking down the tourney and the Borgata package.

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