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Returning the Favor
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Monday, November 21, 2005

Add this to your list, Otis

If you don't read these guys, what the hell do you think you're reading this for? Otis posted his list of types of tilt a week or so ago, and I've been working to define the tilt I've been on this month as I look to post my first losing month in half a year.

Entitlement Tilt - when you think you deserve to win, so get further and further tilted by the "donkey" plays of others, when in fact you are the donkey and cannot see it because your ego has swelled up and you can't see over it.

That's been my past week. I can't BELIEVE he called a 5xBB raise with 64 soooted! Of course he can, he's got 17K in chips, the big blind is 100, he has the chance to knock another player out completely, and more than that, it's a $1 MTT for fucksake. Now self, you're not pissed because he called with 64 sooted, that's what you WANT him to do. You're pissed because you went over the top of him all in when he raised your flop bet because you have AA, and aces NEVER get cracked. SOooooo, it's not that he's a donkey to call with 64 sooted, you're pissed because you're the donkey that didn't consider for a second that there was a hand with a 6 in it that he could have called your preflop re-raise with.

Entitlement tilt - because you've read the books, and you're a poker blogger, fahgodsake, these guys shouldn't be able to catch on you for two weeks straight with barely a SNG cash in sight.

News Flash - as my daddy always says (real one, not the blogger) "The sun shines on every dog's ass once in a while. Translation - even lemurs get dealt aces.

So I'm gonna take this week off from online poker, take a breather, eat an obscene amount of turkey at my folks' house Thursday, and have a little home game on Friday. Then I'll log back in for the Titan depositor's freeroll on Saturday. We'll see how that goes. Then Sunday I've got a gig doing the Christmas show for the Charlotte Philharmonic Orchestra, so I'll be in the theatre from 8AM - 1AM. Hours suck, but the checks clear.


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