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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Look ma - I'm a writer!

Yeah, right. But I did realize while stuck in what passes for traffic in Charlotte (and no, there were not cattle or tractors involved. Damn, you'd think I was in G-Vegas) that blogging does allow all of us who are motivationally-challenged and talent-deprived the ability to get our writing rocks off without actually having to learn shit about how to string a sentence together with any semblance of proper punctuation.

I've written, off and on, since I was a kid, and now some of those writings are coming to fruition, but not in anything like what I had imagined. Yes, I write a blog. Or maybe a blog and a half. And that counts, as there are a couple of you out there reading this, so it counts as writing. And I did have a poem and performance published by Turner South in their compilation My South (available on Amazon, but I don't get a dime of it). But the most startling bit of this is that I have now been asked to write articles for Protocol, the theatrical technology industry's trade magazine. Now I know a bit about gear, you can't live in this world for a decade without it, but they want me to write things about sales and management strategies. So now I feel a little like those poker authors must feel when they are beginning to put down on paper how to do the things that they do instinctively. It's a little odd to have people I respect come out of the blue and say "Hey, I liked your article." That's just a little odd to me. But cool.

Oh, and I'll put up a copy of the book and DVD that I'm published in as my bounty at the WPBT Winter Gathering - so don't call my all-in, or you might get stuck with me on your bookshelf!

In poker news, not much. I've dicked around a little with micro-limit Omaha Hi, and I'm seeing success at that level, but I don't think my strategy of "bet the pot any time I think I'm ahead at that point" is going to hold up at any higher levels. Played a little with the Princess today, I fear her raises. She wisely does not fear mine. Flopped quad 4s and forgot to lay in "them's quads, beetches!"

Sucked in the WWDN tourney, and can't play this week due to work. Made 2nd in a SNG while that was going on, so I stayed +$ for the night. Life calms down when I get back from Orlando next week, so I can concentrate on building my Vegas bankroll for the last few weeks before the trip. December can't come soon enough - one week my anniversary vacation and the next week degenerate Vegas vacation - woo-hoo!

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