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Returning the Favor
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Friday, November 18, 2005

Desert Island Cash

The local paper ran a big story on the new Johnny Cash flick, which I'm way looking forward to. I think Joaquin Phoenix should be able to carry off most of it, even if he hasn't quite lived as hard as Johnny did. But to finish off their artice, the local movie critic listed his top ten Johnny Cash songs, all from the pre-Rick Rubin era, just as an introduction to the material. Of course, being an opinionated buttmonkey, I came up with my own, including the American Recordings stuff. So here's a musical interlude from Falstaff - my ten Desert Island Johnny Cash Songs.

1) Delia's Gone - American I
2) Folsom Prison Blues
3) Boy named Sue - from Live at Folsom Prison
4) Rusty Cage - American II
5) Redemption Song - with Joe Strummer - Unearthed
6) Wichita Lineman - Unearthed
7) Hurt - American IV
8) Ring of Fire
9) Singer of Songs - Unearthed
10) Jackson - with June Carter

And along the same vein - here are my top 10 Desert Island Discs

1-4) Johnny Cash Unearthed
5) Indigo Girls - eponymous debut CD
6) Tori Amos - Little Earthquakes
7) Sam Bush - Live recording from Van Hoys Campground 2001
8) John Hartford - Aero-Plane
9) Hayseed Dixie - Live recording from 2003
10) Great Big Sea - Rant & Roar

So what 10 albums would you load on your iPod for a trip to a deserted island? List in comments or your own blog. Oh, and let me know if you want copies of the Sammy or Hayseed shows, they kick mucho ass.




on_thg said...

Looking forward to the flick as well - every review I've seen has been positive.

Daddy said...

Hartford makes my list.
Cash at San Quentin is rock solid as well.

Do yourself a favor and check out Strenght in Numbers "Telluride Sessions" if you haven't already done so. It's Bush, Bela, O'Connor, Meyer, & Douglas. 10 songs each one written by a different duo. Fucking SICK.