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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Monday, November 14, 2005

Heeeee's Baaaaack!

Sorry to have kept both of my loyal readers missing my oh-so-insightful prose for the last week or so, lots of business travel in my recent past. Here's a quick recap -

North Carolina Theatre Conference gets Will Farrell to come to the conference and present our High School Play Festival Winners with their prizes, thus insuring that in the eyes of 400 teenagers, theatre is now cool, and we'll never be able to top this year's conference.

Played a little poker online while I was at NCTC, made a few bucks. Not able to concentrate on it much due to work.

Got back for all of 3 days and flew to Orlando for the Lighting Dimensions International trade show, the highlight of which was carrying my heavy-ass suitcase ('cause poka chips be heaby) into the room to find that the TSA does think that Nexgen chips look like dynamite on X-ray, but they at least put everything back when they were done.

Got together a little game with some other drunks in my room, made a whopping $3. Was stuck $40 at one point, but let a buddy from Atlanta call dealer's choice and cleaned up with wild-card 7-Stud variants. I'm not proud, I'll play your Follow the Bitch.

Sat on the patio of the Embassy Suites Orlando getting happy-hour plastered with folks from work when Al calls for a Dial-a-Shot. Chugged the cheap beer the hotel was giving away for free with Al, to the bemusement of my co-workers, who had apparently never heard of Dial-a-Shots before. But I have all their cell numbers in speed-dial, so now they're doomed!

Flew home today, flighy sucked, airport food sucked, seeing my wife for the first time in almost two full weeks - fucking priceless.

And won a little pissant $5 SNG on Stars - working to double my meager bankroll before the WPBT trip. Gonna take more than $5 SNGs to do it, but it can be done.


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