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Returning the Favor
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Thursday, November 17, 2005

SNG Strategy - Endgame

So I posted my strategy for SNGs a while back, and while some folks had valid critiques of my method, it continues to work well for me, making me more money than other methods I've tried. But I never finished. So here's the endgame strategy I employ, which is a little silly unless you think along my same lines - that my job is essentially done the second I've cleared a profit. Third is great! First is better, but third is greater than fourth by a larger margin that first is greater than third. Read that five times drunk.

WARNING - This won't work if the people you're playing are any good. But if you're trolling around the low-level SNGs ($5 - $10), this is actually ridiculously effective.

1) If you're 3rd, you've done your job. You have now made the money, the hard part is over. Your job is not to bludgeon everyone with your incredible skill, your job is to turn a profit. Mission accomplished.

2) Everything else is gravy. And fatboy luuuuvs gravy. So now milk these fools for everything they've got.

3) Ever read Super/System? The old one? Hit it. Power poker has limited place in today's more sophisticated game, because most of us have read the book, but this is 100% the place for it.

In other words, start throwing raises and re-raises like Pauly throws dollars at strippers. Fling chips around like it's Bobby's junk. Even if you're the short stack, jam as many pots as possible. Your opponents, unless one of them has a monster stack, have likely been super-tight waiting for the bubble boy to fall on his sword, and it's going to take them a few minutes to adjust. Don't wait - JAM. Worst case is, you finish third, fire up another one. But at these levels, your opponents cannot handle a super-aggressive player flinging chips like candy, so be that guy. But don't be afraid to drop anything in the face of somebody playing back at you. As I was reminded time and again last night, even lemurs get dealt Aces.

So once you've made the money, shift into hyper-aggro mode to throw folks off balance and steal, steal, steal. I've found it to be more effective than I expected, and remember, my job is done when I've made a profit, now it's time to take the gravy.

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