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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

OK, so much for a break.

So I fired up Party and Absolute Poker last night and got the monkey off my back with a couple of back-to-back SNG cashes, including dropping the Hammer on Absolute and getting the absolute best chat window rants I've ever gotten from playing the Hammer. The way these guys were going, you'd think I ass-raped the Pope instead of raising with the Hammer from the cutoff, catching 2 pair on the flop and winning a medium-sized pot. My favorite moment came later when some schmo gets sucked out on to bust out and hangs around for a good five minutes abusing the guy who caught one of his 6 outs to bust him. After several minutes of this, I finally chime in and request that if he's going to whine, at least to work on his spelling and grammar, and perhaps his originality.

"This from Mr. 7-2."

"I made the money, I still get to talk."


I won the tourney, too, which was much harder than the battle of wits with the unarmed and unarmored.

For off-topic and slightly sad Thanksgiving post, check out my other blog.

I'll be cruising to South Carolina for Turkey tomorrow, so everybody have fun, be safe, and eat yourselves into an absolute fucking coma. And congrats to Al for hitting the final table of his Boathouse freeroll with an M of 1 last night and coming back to win the thing! As he said later, "Now we're just sitting here getting retarded!"

Exactly 14 days until I land in Vegas with the NC Poker Posse. The micro-limits may never be the same. I can't wait.

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