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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Monday, April 30, 2007

The fun of the draft

If you're JaMarcus Russell, it was a good day. If you're Brady Quinn it was an expensive day. If you're Troy Smith or Chris Leak, it was heartbreaking and frankly stupid.

Leak set all kinds of passing records as a kid here in Charlotte, leading his team to a couple of undefeated seasons. Then he went to Florida, and all he managed there was to win the National Friggin' Championship. But he can't get picked up in seven rounds of the NFL draft? At least the Bears were willing to sign him as a free agent once the draft ended.

Because he's short? Doug Flutie managed a decent career at 5'10" and Leak is an even 6'. Which happens to be the same height as another quarterback who had a decent year in the NFL last year. Some guy names Brees. I think it's dumb that a couple inches in height can outweigh the obvious football smarts a kid has or his big game experience. You don't get any more big game in college than beating out Troy Smith and OSU for the national title.

Of course, not like Troy Smith didn't also get a bit of a raw deal this weekend, too. But I'll let some of my Okie friends weigh in on that one. Good luck with Da Bears, Chris. They need a smart quarterback a shitload more than they need a tall one.

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