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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Streak Continues

Wish it were a better streak, though. Last night, $120 freezout in a guy's guest cottage/converted playhouse/efficiency apartment/whatever - three tables in the room, only 16 players showed up though. Pretty decent play on my part, a couple bluffs with bottom pair, only to have a hand go down almost exactly the way I had planned it.


I'm in the BB with a little over 7,000 in chips. Blinds are at 200/400 and I'm looking to make a move. It's limped around to me and I check, preparing to dump my 26o at the slightest preflop aggression. Flop comes 2k6 rainbow and I toss out a tiny bet (500). I get a raise from late position and I shove with my two pair, hoping to get called with a KJ or something of the sort. I get my caller, with KT, and we're off to the races.

And a K on the turn hobbles me right there at the gate. I'm busted in 11th, no problem with the way I played, I made a lot of read-based moves as the night went on, but you gotta get lucky to win tournaments, and I was on the wrong end of the luckbox that time around.

Now that my bankroll is less than 50% what it was to start this month I'm thinking it's a good fuckin' thing people will pay me to write about poker, because I sure as hell can't win playing it lately. About half of this horrible run has been bad luck, and half has been purely abysmal play. When you make a $400 call on the turn with two pair against the tightest player in the room, you're probably behind. That sort of shit. But I think my tournament play has actually improved in the last few weeks, as I've done fairly well in the three live tourneys I've played. Hopefully I can snap out of this shit before June, or I'm gonna pay off some other bloggers' credit card bills this summer.

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