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Returning the Favor
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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

WPBT Summer Classic Update

Update 5-1-07: The Room block is set to expire the end of this week, so if you want to stay at the Orleans, go ahead and book your room! Also, if you are coming out to Vegas for the gathering, let me know via email (johnhartness AT gmail DOT com) with your name, where you'll be, your sell phone number and how long you'll be there. That way I can keep folks updated on our group.

The room block is ready for booking at The Orleans. For those who have forgotten, the rates are as follows -

Wednesday Night - $60
Thursday Night - $60
Friday Night - $110
Saturday Night - $110
Sunday Night - $65

There are 50 rooms held at those rates, plus the million dollars in taxes and other fees that come with. The room block will vanish in three weeks, so don't dick around!

Call 1-800-675-3267 for reservations. Make sure you tell them this is for the World Poker Blogger Tour, June 6-10.

Also, if you're coming, please email me (johnhartness AT gmail DOTDON'TYOUDARESPAMME com), so I can start compiling a contact list of everybody that will be there. Let me know your Real name (if you want), blogger name, dates of arrival and departure, where you're staying, and contact info (if you want people to have it). This list will be distributed to everyone who's coming, so if you don't want your cell phone number bandied about, tell me.

Thanks to Mookie for the banner!

Update: THERE WILL BE A PRIVATE TOURNEY FOR ALL OF US! Thanks to my homeboy RadioVegas, The Orleans will hook us up with a private tournament on June 9th. Here's all the details. Email him for an RSVP to the tourney - sloshr AT gmail DOTNOSPAM com.

The WPBT Summer Classic 2007 tournament will be held June 9th at The Orleans in Las Vegas. Start time will be at about 2pm.

Buy in will be $65 + $10 + optional $5.

$65 goes into prize pool, $10 to the house and the optional $5 goes directly to the dealers.

Starting chips will be 1600 and if you pay the $5 extra dealer add on you get an additional 400 in chips.

I do not have a copy of the blind structure but its fairly standard
with 20 minute levels. If enough interest I will make a copy of the
blind structure.

It is important that I have a rough estimate of how many people will
be planning to play so the Orleans can staff their dealers

Drop me an email if you're attending: sloshr * gmail * com.


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