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Friday, April 13, 2007

I might be wrong.

It happens.

I can't really be wrong in my opinion of the Imus firing. It's my opinion, and that's all. But I did say something in my post that some of my friends are proving me incorrect about.

And now two of my favorite people on the internets are proving me wrong.

I wrote this morning "This accomplishes nothing. It opens no valid dialogue on race and gender relations between Imus and the Rutgers women. It doesn't pose interesting dinner-table questions for parents and children."

And now two of my favorite people on the internets are proving me wrong. Mr. & Mrs. Otis are sharing an incredibly hurtful incident that happened in their professional lives, and Doog is also tackling the issue on his blog. So I was wrong, people are talking. And that's worth it to me. It's worth the hurt feelings of a group of innocent young women who should be known as nothing more than the best Cinderella story of the year. It's worth the career of a radio DJ that I disliked. As long as people will notice, and talk about the fact that we have a race issue in this country.

Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick can all kiss my ass, because they're just using this incident to make political hay. But when real people pick the scabs off old wounds and share their stories about race relations in America, as fucked as it is, then it's worth it.

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biggestron said...

Not that I'm trying to pile on here, but...

It is *not* a free speech issue.

Imus is free to say what he wants.

He is not, however, entitled to get paid for whatever he says. He hasn't been jailed, he's been fired. Also note that Imus's firing followed nearly all of his major sponsors pulling out. This is a marketplace force (in this case, I think, a very good one) dictating what the public wants to (or doesn't want to) hear.