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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Thursday, April 12, 2007

You had to be there

There's no way this is as funny in the retelling as it was live, but bear with me.

So we're at rehearsal last night, and as usual, one of the female actors is wearing the standard 20-something apparel of low-rise jeans. As she squats down to get something out of her bag, the typical sight occurs, ye olde butt-cleavage.

Now I'm not one to be bothered by a little flash of the forbidden girly flesh, so I'm checking out the ass in question when one of my castmates decides to play the slots.

From at least ten feet away he flips a quarter through the air and in slow motion it makes a Jordanesque arc through the air before falling, just like Grubby last nickel at a Mr. Cashman machine, into the crack of her ass.

I almost peed. It got better when she couldn't reach it before her next entrance and had to jump around and jiggle until it fell out of her pants leg. Gold, Jerry, gold.

Show opens next week - if you've been meaning to click through the RSS reader and donate to Shakespeare Carolina but haven't gotten around to it, now would be a great time for that. We're good on cash for this show, but the remount and Hamlet are coming up, so all gifts of cash from my blogger brethren and sistren will be rewarded with big wet sloppy kisses and drinks in Vegas in June.

Ok, I'll try to find somebody else to kiss all the boys, since you're gonna be that way about it. Change? You up for slobbering all over the male donors? April? I know Maudie'll do it, after all, it's for art!


Biggestron said...

There is no way that is just a 'be there' joke. Hitting the coin-slot from outside the 3-point line is just awesome.

StB said...

If only there was video.