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Returning the Favor
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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Boring statistics post

Some interesting stats from PokerTracker. If you don’t find other people’s leaks interesting, read no further.

I have 6 different hands with a VP$IP of 100%.


One of those hands is a net loser, and it wasn’t the one I would have guessed (KQs). I am a net loser with 10s, and apparently need to lay that shit down.

Apparently at least twice I’ve laid down KK preflop. I must have been sitting out and gotten dealt Kings while pissing, because I’m not intentionally laying down KK preflop in a cash game. On the bubble of a satellite tourney, maybe. But never in a cash game. Gracie wouldn’t approve.

I am more profitable over the last 10,000 hands (I know, statistically small sample) with 22 than with any hand other than AA, KK, QQ, JJ or AKo. I am far less profitable with AKs than I am with hands like J9s, 8Ts, A5o. That tells me something about my play of Big Slick. The $40 pot I gave up to AJ today should also tell me something about my play of AK.

My biggest losing hands are AJo and the Hammer. Stupid Hammer. 66 is right up there, too. Tens are interesting, because I win with TT 65% of the time, but am a huge net loser monetarily. That tells me that I’m not playing them very well at all. Looks like I’m not letting go of them when I should, and not maximizing my profits when I can. Need to work on that.

I have only one hand with a VP$IP of 0, and that’s 62o. Interestingly, I’m a net winner with that hand. BB specials are g00t. There are 8 hands with a win % of 0, and they’re the kind of crap you’d expect – 85s, 53o, j2o, garbage like that. Apparently I’m completing way too many small blinds.

The hand that I have gone to showdown with the most is AA. The hand I’ve gone to showdown with the 2nd most is 84s. That scares me a little. No more tequila near the mouse.

I’m sure this interests no one but me, but there are some leaks to be found in this, and that’s what makes the software really helpful to me. I’m not playing at the levels where the data mining is terribly helpful as far as insight into my opponents goes, but giving me some insight into myself is potentially more valuable.

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That's the gravy to me, all that stuff, so keep cranking it (or send it to me!).