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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Thursday, June 22, 2006

More PokerSavvy goodness!

Yes, I know. You're getting tired of me shilling for this site. Get over it, it's my blog and I'll shill for who I want to. The PokerSavvy folks are trying to do cool things for their customers, and their customer service so far has been absolutely spectacular, so they'll keep getting pimped (click the SoCo bottle to sign up!).

Here's their newest thing - a freeroll for PokerSavvy Customers for a WSOP Main Event seat, pkus a couple grand for travel and lodging. That's pretty cool, even though my tournament game is in the shitter. But if it's free, it's for me! Even better, the field is limited to 150 players, so that is kickass!

The freeroll is on July 12th, so I guess I'll be taking the lappy to Vegas with me. There are three ways to qualify, and I'm pretty sure I'll be taking route #1.

1) Earn a total of 3,000 SavvyPoints before the freeroll. The Mansion Poker bonus was soooo fricking easy, now I've earned over 2100 points, so two more signups and I'm in there like swimwear!

2) Earn 1500 SavvyPoints and use them to buy a spot. Easy enough, but I can use those points to get free money on Party Poker, which I can then use to take more money off the Party lemurs. So why wouldn't I?

3) Sign up through CD Poker and complete their signup requirements and you get into the freeroll. I haven't really looked into their signup requirements to see what it would take, but that might be an option as well.

But right now, I think I'll just grab two more signups (or less if you guys sign up for Mansion through my link - I get 25% of the signup bonus added to my account when you use my referral, and you still get the full 900 points) and play the freeroll thattaway. A pretty damn cool thing Matt and his folks over there are doing, if you ask me. And you did, by default, when you landed here.

Disclosure: They didn't pay me to write this. I just think it's cool what they're doing.


CarmenSinCity said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes :) Will you be in town for the blogger event in July??

Veneno said...

I loved your comment the other day! You had me cracking up. Thanks..

drewspop said...

Ok, I give in. I got the freeroll info from Matt, but I will sign up for using your link. See you at the tourney on Wed.