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Thursday, June 15, 2006

No, Really, write your CongressPeople! Today!

This email landed in my Inbox this morning, so I'm passing it along. Please take a minute to write your congress-folks and please copy this into your blogs. It's important. If this bill passes, more of us than Easycure will become felons (sorry you live in the land of Cromwell, Easy). This is a ridiculous law, I agree, but that makes it no less dangerous. Please spread the word!

Dear PPA Member:

The federal effort to
ban online gambling has cleared another hurdle and within the next 10
days the House of Representatives will be voting on H.R. 4777, The
Internet Gaming Prohibition Act. It is essential that your member of
Congress know that you oppose this legislation. We have posted an
updated letter that you can send TODAY by going to

It is critical that Congress hears from you before this vote!

the Poker Players Alliance is seeking members who would be willing to
lend their name to a letter that would be published in their local
newspaper. These letters would let fellow citizens know that Congress
is seeking ban online poker and open the door to greater government
involvement in our personal affairs. If you would be willing to put
your name on a letter contact us immediately at

Finally, we wanted to make you aware of an excellent editorial
published on June 9th in the Los Angeles Times. I encourage each of you
to read this enlightened and thoughtful look at the current
Congressional debate surrounding online gambling. The complete
editorial can be found by going to

Thank you for all you do to support the Poker Players Alliance. And rest assured that we are working tirelessly on your behalf.


Michael Bolcerek, president

Poker Players Alliance

1 comment:

Poker Paul said...

I realy feel for the gamblers in the US. I cant beleive your Congress banned all banks and credit card companies from accepting transactions from online gambling sites which makes you unable to play online poker. What a bunch of hypocrites your state government are. They have the largest gambling operations with lotto, keno, etc. If they truly believed their rhetoric about internet gambling they would cut out the state operations also. And now they are bringing in a law to legalise slot machines. Personally I would have a big grudge against any party that stopped me from playing on an online poker site. I think there must be some way for you guys to get around this problem. Must make you wonder if you are living in the land of the free when it seems the government has full control on what it will and wont let you do.