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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Monday, June 19, 2006

PokerSavvy Update

This one’s for the bonus chasers out there – from the Pokersavvy forum today. If you go for this, please sign up with Pokersavvy through the link on my page. I’ll get a few savvypoints kicked back my way, and you’ll get a chance at this apparently super-easy bonus. For those who aren’t familiar with PokerSavvy, 900 points is only 100 points away from a $100 Party Poker Gift Certificate that you can then withdraw for CASH! So it’s a lot like a $100 bonus.

And Mansion Poker is the home of the Poker Dome Challenge, you can enter 1 Cent MTTs to win a seat at the weekly Poker Dome TV taping in Vegas, including airfare and accommodations. 1 Little Penny could get you $25K in return!

Just when you thought you'd seen it all... OK, so I sound like a used car dealer. But I wanted to let you know that we just brought on another new partner that we're super-excited about: MANSION. You may have seen some of their sponsored tourneys on TV as well as their new Poker Dome in Vegas. For a limited time we're giving away 900 SavvyPoints when you open a new account, deposit $50 and wager only $50 in the poker room, casino or sportsbook at MANSION. Only $50! MANSION is very new and they're looking to acquire a lot of new players so they're making this a very sweet deal for PokerSavvy users. Take 'em up on it! To get the software, login to MyPokerSavvy or use the link below. (NOTE: YOU MUST USE PROMO CODE "SAVVY" WHEN YOU REGISTER). Visit MANSION Have fun and good luck! (image placeholder)

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ConfusedBW said...

Link on your page to PokerSavvy? I don't see it. Too bad, you lost a couple bucks.