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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Kings no good here

Nope, I was right. There’s no way I’m laying down pocket Kings preflop. Especially against a loose-aggressive player like Warbucks. And on the third hand of the tournament I’m out, when his AQ off-suit catches one of his three outs on the flop.  And I wasn’t even tilted. Yes, I did make a remark to him later that I would not have made that move, calling a re-re-raise preflop, but I didn’t really mind the beat. I just sat, dealt for a little while, and figured I’d make it back at the cash table.

It’s good to be right sometimes. I ended up $25 for the night total, so it was a good night. Most of it did come from catching my card on the river against my buddy Charles, but I was counting myself as having 8 outs, and getting never less than 5-1 on my calls on every street. What I didn’t know was that both of my hole cards were winner had I paired them, so I actually had 14 outs, and I caught my Q on the river for the nut straight, so that was happy.

Came home and took a stab at 2/4 on Party for a little while. The play is very similar to $1/2 on Party (overaggressive), so I sat back ,waited for my spots, and made a quick $40. So I’m now unstuck for the month. Again. Let’s see if I can actually manage to crank out a little sustainable profit now.

My tourney game is in the shitter, and if I’m really going to play the $1K NLHE event at the WSOP this summer, that’s gotta change. Right now, the jury is out as to whether or not I’m gonna play, because I have played so poorly in tourneys for the past couple weeks I’m not even comfortable asking my friends to back me, because if I want my friends to throw their money away, I’d rather they just buy me booze.

So here’s the plan: I’m playing at minimum one MTT each night through the month of June, and we’ll see how we feel about the tourney game after that. If I think I’ve got my head straight and have a chance to do well, then I’ll play the WSOP. In a perfect world, I either win a seat, or cash for more than a grand to win my buy-in off of tourney play. But if I don’t feel like my game is ready, I’m not gonna play. No point throwing away a grand that I could be spending on a new monitor, moving up levels in my play, or just using to fleece donkeys at the Castle.

I’m probably not going to spend a ton of time at the bracelet races on FTP, unless I end up with a bunch of tokens, but right now my best shots feel like the Pokerstars blogger championships thing, where pretty much the whole final table gets at least a lamer for a prelim entry, or this $15k freeroll tonight on 7Sultans (interface is standard Prima, but it was a Pokersavvy bonus, so it was ok).

In other news, I’m on the lookout for a mentor, so if anybody wants to pore through my Pokertracker database and watch me play and tell me how to be more profitable, email me.


DadWarbucks said...

Just because YOU wouldn't have called a re-re-raise with AQ off pre-flop doesn't mean it was the wrong move.
I truely enjoy your friendship and playing cards with you. But all this intellectual mumbo-jumbo, studying books, tracking hands, endless calculations, and rehashing of hands is a monumental "waste of time". I continually have to remind you that its "GAMBLING" and I adore it because it's FUN.
Now you're looking for a mentor? Are you shitting me? Some nights or sessions you're gonna lose and some you'll win. Remember, it's a game of indeterminate information and chance.
If your KK would have held up you would be thinking "I played that correctly" and been proud of yourself instead of "whewww I'm glad his Ace didn't fall".
See ya Fri. around 6:30
PS: For those who don't know me, I win at poker a hell of a lot more than I lose. I believe Falstaff will back that up.

Falstaff said...

I respectfully disagree with your general concept of the game. I personally believe that with study and self-evaluation, one can increase their skill to provide an edge over luck in the long run.

And I still think I played the hand correctly, regardles of the fact that I lost.

And yes, Dad does win more than he loses. He is a strong player, loose and aggressive, and you always want to know where you are in relation to him at the table.

DadWarbucks said...

O K... It's always acceptable to me for friends to "agree to disagree". You obviously spend huge amounts of your waking hours thinking about poker. It must be fun and hopefully exciting for you or you wouldn't do it. I suppose we all find our fun times in different ways. The excitement of gambling is what turns me on and I never gamble with money I can't afford to lose.