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Returning the Favor
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Friday, June 09, 2006

Odd Poker Spam

I get something like this every week or two, and not even in the mailbox that’s linked to this blog – how are these people finding me? I’d really like to know who’s selling that particular email address. I’m sure I’m not alone in keeping several email addresses. One is for my day job, and it is given out ONLY to people that I know from work, and the few people that I happened to have emailed from work at some point. One is my widespread personal email, poker blog email, the one I have here on my contact page, all that jazz. But the address that this came to is one that I pretty much only use for personal stuff, communicating with family, shit like that. So since I’m sure I’m not the only one getting this email, who do you guys think sold our email addresses?
Hello, my name is XXXXXXXXX, I am with XXXXXX magazine and I would like the opportunity to discuss with you the possibility of earning your business.   
 XXXXXXX is bi-monthly magazine that covers all aspects revolving around the gaming lifestyle. We provide our readers with the most informative, knowledge-based content in regards to casinos, poker rooms, restaurants/dining and show reviews, land based and internet gaming, poker, sports/horse betting strategy, interviews with celebrities, athletes and business executives, along the hottest events, and the world’s leading real estate, fashion, sports and nightclub trends. 
We are distributed worldwide, with a concentration in Casinos and gaming establishments of every level including poker rooms, high limit table-slot areas, VIP lounges, race tracks and sports book locations. With over 400 major newsstands distributing XXXXXXX, including Borders, Barnes and Nobles,, Anderson News and Hudson News Stands, we are also strategically placed in high end retail stores, shopping malls and airports nationwide.   
Our readers appreciate, deserve and most importantly desire the fine things in life.  XXXXXXXXXX join us in spreading “la buona vita” the good life to our readers.
 If you are interested in possibly advertising in XXXXXXX magazine don’t hesitate to contact me either by email or by phone. 
 Have a great weekend!

BTW, I did reply and told the nice man that he was a little misguided in his sales pitch, but if he needed writers for his magazine, we could talk. May as well take any opportunity out there, right?

1 comment:

Meek said...

I picked up that magazine in an Indiana Casino this week. I thought it was a good read. Unless I've got the wrong idea, and there is another magazine out there pushing 'La Buona Vita'