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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Monday, June 05, 2006

Lame-ass post for a Monday and a Question

I played the HORSE event last night. I didn’t cash. I didn’t even begin to play well. I had fun giving money to my friends, though. I think next time, I’ll just pick a random blogger and send them $22.

I was really having a lot of fun playing $1/2 Limit on Party last night. I know, I said I’ve never managed to make a significant run on Party, but I’m up a little after this last round of cashout/redeposit. I’m playing more tables, allowing me to be more patient at each one, and that’s paying off pretty well.

Home game was a lot of fun but disastrous to the bankroll. High point of the night was explaining “the shocker” to our two 50+ year old players, then watching their faces as they manipulated the fingers into the right configuration. There were photos taken, they’ll follow soon if Tresa will email them to me.

Tonight is the local actor’s tournament. Been a long time since I’ve cashed in this one, I’ve been bubble boy for months. Let’s see if I can take the advice given in the girly chat thing and put it to good use.

Question of the day – How many BB in your bankroll for limit poker? I’ve seen figures of 300-400BB for limit, which would put me playing 2/4 regularly. I’m not sure that’s wise, so I’d love to hear from some folks that are playing 2/4 or 3/6 what they think is a comfortable BR figure. I’m floating around $2K right now, having success at $1/2 and NL50, with occasional shots at NL100. All advice welcome, as this is the first time I’ve really given a shit about bankroll management.


jthebutcher said...

2+2forums run asearch on bankroll for limit. also where is the best place to get poker tracker cheap on line.

change100 said...

Though traditional wisdom says a 300BB roll is enough, I personally feel safer with 500BB after my experices with online LHE in the last year, especially if you're planning on playing more than one table.

cc said...

I've seen everything from 300-1000BB as guides on 2+2. You know I'm more up to 10BB, but it takes a real man (idiot) to handle those swings. I would say some of it is really about your comfort zone regarding swings. 250-300BB is more on the aggressive side, 500-650BB is more on the conservative side.

Also, nice article on Chris Fargis.

F-Train said...

The largest limit downswing I've ever experienced was roughly 100 BBs, though I've heard of long-term profitable players hitting downswings of 150 BBs. Based on that, I'd say you want at least 300 BBs.